Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Plastic quality for consistent pulls- RESPONSES

Randy McFarland

Hi List members-
Last time I mentioned the subject, someone suggested using a higher quality (purer) plastic so we’ll end up with more even pulls of thick poly plastics. What distributors/ manufacturer sources have you had success with?
Randy McFarland, CPO Fullerton, CA

Try Endolite. We have had good success and find it the purest.
Michael Pack, C.P.

Randy, if you are pulling copolymer plastic, it doesn’t get any better than Northsea (Endolite).

O&P Enterprises, 800-666-0356. Ask for Don.

I had a problem with the plastic as well, I found thru experimentation that if I preheat the oven to 300 degrees before I place the plastic inside, we had much better results. I bought a round oven thermometer to use with my infrared oven. The lower pan needed to warm up to that temp or else the plastic would burn or at best bubble. This cured my problem.
In the recent past, Friddles was the place to buy plastic in the US.

I get all my plastics from Port Plastics in Seattle. I don’t know if they have other distributors throughout the country. We don’t have any problems with the plastic and we use an old big oven. Well, any problems we do have are pilot error. Like left in the oven too long.

What type of oven are you using? We have experienced substantial temperature discrepancies with the PDQ oven. Gabriel

Also on this, we use American Plastics out of Dallas. For your thicker plastics, rotate your tray. If you’re dropping a check socket, rotate the frame. Doug

We recently switched to Friddles Orthopedic Appliances for purchasing all of our plastics because of problems with other distributors. So far, we have been very pleased with their plastics. Give ’em a call at 1-800-528-9339. Mike

In any plastics questions I would recommend to talk with Gary Bedard from Becker Orthopedics.I believe he’s the most educated specialist in this field in O&P Wieland Kaphingst CP(O)


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