Friday, May 20, 2022


aaron royster

Hello, I am currently a prosthetic resident as well as a PTA. While I understand the importance of increasing our numbers to strengthen our profession I must question the method that has been chosen to do so. I decided to change my career and leave physical therapy and become an ABC practitioner. It is my understanding that after my residency I will have to take and pass my exams in order to obtain certification. Not only have I invested $20,000 in my education for prosthetics I must now pay a large fee to take the exams. I am very disappointed that a BOC practitioner can send in a $75.00 check and obtain certification. Not only is this a slap in the face it lowers the “high rigorous standards” of ABC. No where in the process is the knowledge of a BOC practitioner being tested by ABC standards. If the standards are going to be lowered this way then why do the prosthetic residents have to take the ABC exam which is supposed to be much more difficult than the BOC exam.!
pledge the following solution: Allow the BOC practitioner to set for the ABC exams at the regular cost. If they pass then in my eyes they are equal and have obtained the knowledge for ABC certification. Even though they have obtained the knowledge a different way they at least have it. If they don’t pass the exam then no ABC licensure is awarded. However, if the $75.00 enrollment fee persists I believe it is only fair to do one of the two things: Lower the fee for the exams to $75.00 for board eligible prosthetists or go ahead and award the prosthetic resident his/her ABC certification after the completion of his/her residency. Lastly, I would like my tuition money back b/c I do not think my hard earned education is valued by the board.


Aaron Royster
prosthetic resident

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