Saturday, May 28, 2022

Re: Unification

Karl Lindborg CPO

—–Original Message—–
From: Lindborg, Karl
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 1:39 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Unification

The single most important issue that stands out to me, once all issues
regarding ABC/BOC unification have been resolved, is the establishment and
maintenance of a solid O&P voice on Capital Hill. Our voice on Capital Hill
has never had the power or punch that other allied healthcare professionals
(Physical Therapy) have had. With unification there is a greater chance for
O&P to become a more solid, reputable organization. If the truth were told,
the unification process may be the only remaining chance O&P has to survive
as we know it. A solid voice on the Hill needs to be accomplished in order
for O&P to survive as a true allied-healthcare profession…even if the end
result of ABC/BOC negotiations is a compromise of ABC’s “higher standards”.

Any credible O&P voice on the “Hill” is being diluted as we speak. We must
resolve this quickly or it will deteriorate to irreparable damage of our

Once all the smoke has cleared with the differences ABC/BOC is debating,
unification’s most persuasive result will be how much O&P can influence our
lawmakers in recognizing O&P as a legitimate allied-health care profession.
We need to influence lawmakers that ABC/BOC credentialing organizations can
be entrusted to represent the O&P profession and the laws that result.

Would it help the ABC ego if unification procedures required BOC trained
practitioners to include an asterisk (*) beside a CPO/CO/CP credential (or
vise versa) ? ABC practitioners will then have been recognized for the
monetary and formal education sacrifices they made to achieve the CPO/CO/CP
credential. Barry Bonds may very well have an asterisk beside his homerun
record which indicates that he cheated while accomplishing this feat.

In the end it could be that our credentials will be only be as good as the
Milken junk bonds were if our lawmakers never realize the unique worth we
as CPO’s and BOCPO’s know they really have.

ABC/BOC may win their individual battles…. but will have lost the war for
O&P. UNIFY and be done with it. Good patient care will still be provided
despite ABC/BOC results/differences, and we will have preserved what
remaining dignity O&P currently has established on the hill and the allied
healthcare profession.

Karl J. Lindborg, CPO


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