Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Re: Generation II…

R. Pepka

I just can’t take it anymore, and I will state up front that there will be no
apologies for this letter. For however long I have had to read the lunatic
rants from this justine foster. Over and Over he gives his idealogic opinions
of orthotics and prosthetics with no business savy or experience to back it
up. We are not a non-for profit business, we do have to keep our doors open
to provide a valuable service. I am sorry if we do make a couple of dollars on
an item, but you need to be sorry for all the services this profession
provides that are not profitable. Look at your fee schedules, have they went up
significantly in the last 5 years? Absolutely not. Has the cost of doing
business gone up significantly in the last 5 years, absolutely. A lot of services
we provide are break even services that no one else can or will do. If
something is not profitable we will not be there for those that need our services
I have every knee brace rep in the region undercutting me to fit the easy
braces. These people are not only uncertified they are also unliscenced. (I am
in a liscensure state) These reps have no overhead as well as no ethics.
They will throw braces on patients with no follow up. They will exhaust the
patients benefits with braces that don’t fit, and we are left to solve the
problem. It happens everyday. I believe Mr. Foster only needs educated on the
real world of O&P and his uneducated blabbering will cease. I have the
solution to this. I will provide round trip air fare and accomadations for 1
week so he can spend time in the real world with me and our staff. Let me know
Mr. Foster, the door is wide open.
Paul Weott CPO, LPO


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