Friday, April 12, 2024

Ossur/Matt Johnson Propoganda

Myra taylor

The supposed anonymous posting made by Matt Johnson is obviously propaganda that is supported and perhaps even manufactured by Ossur.

All this posturing of Ossur to point the finger at Hanger is nothing more than diversion technique in an attempt to hide the real motivation of the program, which is to increase Ossur Sales. It is like the Wizard of Oz, don’t look behind the curtain because then you will see the real truth to the illusion.

So Hanger decided to use Spring-Lite and Alps instead of Ossur, isn?t that Hangers right to do so? Unless Ossur has 100 percent market share in feet and liners nation-wide, is it not safe to say that there are other companies that have also decided to use Spring Lite and Alps. We all know that Ossur does not have 100% market share with non-Hanger facilities, so I suggest our industry attempt to reduce the testosterone levels in this issue and look at the real facts, the secret behind the curtain is that Ossur has inventory and they are doing whatever it takes to sell product.

The suggestion that is program is about helping the small practices compete with Hanger is without merit. Here in Michigan Hanger is all but non-existent; maybe 3 or 4 practices at most and therefore no threat to our practice. The big multi facility powerhouse in Michigan is Wright and Fillippis; they have well over 30 percent of the practices in the state and have all the resources for advertising and marketing. Wright and Fillippis even own their own Third Party Administrator Company for insurance companies.

Wright and Fillippis is also an Ossur Affiliated Facility. Looking at the listing of Ossur facilities nationwide there are numerous very large, very powerful and very influential business that are part of the Ossur program. Why would Wright and Fillippis, RDA or Benchmark need Ossur?s help to with marketing and advertising? The fact is they don?t need Ossur help to compete with Hanger; they will however enjoy the assistance from Ossur to take business away from all the practices that refuse to join the Ossur program.

I also do not understand why this industry has not commented on the revenue windfall that Ossur is enjoying. Do the math for this program, Ossur has collected almost $1 Million in registration fees and is guaranteed over $7.5 Million in sales based upon the minimum purchases from over 600 practices.

This program is about Ossur selling out their integrity and relationship with our industry in order to sell Ossur products. What disturbs me the most is how na? Prosthetists are being to this program and do not recognize the danger this program will create. In Orthotics we have Cascade that bypasses the CO and markets, sells and distributes directly to PT?s. And now 600 prosthetic practices are helping promote and support Ossur directly to PT?s, Case Managers and Referrals, how long until Ossur decides to up-grade their new program to bypass the CP and work directly with the PT? Ossur now has a training facility to train practitioners and now our industry is helping set up the process for Ossur to train and certify PT?s to compete with the prosthetic industry.

The future is out of our control unless we as an industry do something to take control of this situation immediately. What Ossur is doing is wrong for our patients, it is bad for our referrals and it is disastrous for our industry.

M.K. Taylor, CO

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