Saturday, November 26, 2022

Re: Stop the Madness…NOSSUR

Craig Svader

I agree with Robert here as well as R. Millers post, I am boycotting Ossur.
I logged on to the Pel Supply web page and got a great laugh at there new
(old) policy. I spoke with them and they have good alternatives to the
products I USED to use from those other guys. So, does Ossur make some
really good products, yes sir. Will I be buying from my new competitor that
is only doing this to push the little guys out and sell more product and
make more RANSOM….NOSSUR!!

Craig Svader BOCP (LP)
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From: “Robert Smithson” To: <>
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 11:04 AM
Subject: [OANDP-L] Stop the Madness

> I have been following this Ossur debate over the past few weeks and have
been looking forward to the Ossur reply.
> Let me give you Yanks a translation as to what Ossurs message was in short
the message was You can all go stuff it.
> Cannot help but notice the language in the Ossur reply, quote, Following
both the letter and the overall intent of the law is of critical importance
to Ossur. Ossur obtains the information for its amputee database through
amputee sign-ups at consumer trade shows and our Web site, as well as
incoming phone calls, end quote.
> Translation, Ossur has found a loop hole and they will send info to your
patients, whether you like it or not. Second, all those brochures, posters
and Flex Foot clinics patients our patients had access to over the years are
how Ossur got the patients to call and sign up.
> I call for in the UK to take notice of what Ossur is up to and call for
everyone in USA and on this list serve to make a posting to confirm that
effective immediately, everyone that is not on the coveted OAF should
boycott all Ossur products.
> Pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION here everyone, if we do not boycott Ossur now, we
will have serious problems down the road. If Ossur can pull this off in the
USA, they will then try this abroad; it is quoted in one of the articles
that they will branch out if it works in the US.
> This is our chance to let this rouge supplier know that this is
unacceptable and we will not tolerate such blatant disregard to our
industry. If Ossur succeeds in this program, it will not be long until
every supplier has a similar program and we will be at the mercy of the
suppliers. Stop ordering Ossur products today, I trust you, they will hear
our call and heed our warning and stop the madness.
> JA Smithton
> Prosthetist
> Nottingham, UK
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