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Re: Open Letter to the President of Ossur

Justin Foster

Dr. Smith & list members,

I must first say that I agree with much of your letter, however I take
exception to the following paragraph. This whole situation would be easily
remedied but for the fact that Ossur happens to make or control distribution
of some of the best prosthetic solutions for our patients. I do not like
being rail-roaded into purchasing items, (and support whole-heartedly
COMPLETE INDEPENDENCE in all purchasing decisions) but should an Ossur
product happen to be the best functional solution for a patient/client, that
will be my choice. I expect all professionals to choose componentry based on
the “best available option” criteria, and that includes the concept of value
(NOT “price”). We will be faced with more and more of these tough issues in
the coming years, and I think it would be a shame to deny the best product
based on politics (sometimes Ossur is the best choice, sometimes not). I
hope Dr. Smith, that you will continue your tough stance on the happenings
of the prosthetic “profession”, and inspire more of your peers to do the
same. I do also hope that you will see that the ethical choice of components
for a prosthesis sometimes requires blinders to tertiary concerns so that
the patient/client will get the most functional limb possible. I always hate
to see good products become “taboo”, the only ones hurt are the people who
make use of those items!!! I think we can encourage Ossur to eliminate or
modify the OAF program, while maintaining quality and reasonable choice for
the end-users. Thank you for your time.


Justin Foster
Prosthetic Resident

>From: WSmithMD
>Reply-To: WSmithMD
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: [OANDP-L] Open Letter to the President of Ossur
>Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:52:16 -0000

>I was astounded at the criteria for a prosthetist to join the Ossur
>Associated Facility program. I will now always doubt the credibility and
>ethics of any prosthetist that recommends an Ossur Liner, Flex Foot or
>Total Knee in any clinic. I will be putting all prosthetic facilities that
>attend my clinics on notice, if they have joined the OAF, they had better
>not be suggesting or pushing any Ossur products for any of my patients. How
>am I to know if they are recommending the product because it is good for
>the patient or is it because they need the sale to obtain their 10 net
>sales in each product line. I defy any practitioner in the OAF to explain
>how they will maintain professional integrity while recommending an Ossur
>product knowing that they have to maintain minimum sales quotas with Ossur.

>William Smith, MD

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