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Re: Is Our Industry losing the battle?

Bob Brown


I think you’re way off base here. The only reason for diminished respect for
the profession of Orthotics or Prosthetics is the FACT that BOC
practitioners refused the follow the terms of the settlement. YOU CAN’T call
yourself: BOCP and other BOC practitioners CAN’T call themselves BOCO, BOCP
or BOCPO. BOC is restricted from using any form of the acronyms of ABC i.e.,
CO, CP, CPO. After the court battle the ABC was too much of a weasel to
community AND GAVE PT, OT & ATC the idea they could expand their area of
expertise without recrimination.

Bob Brown, CPO, FAAOP

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I am Jeff Arnette, CO,BOCP,LPO There ought to be a few other letters
somewhere I could add. Our industry lost the battle of services in 1984 when
ABC decide to sue BOC. It was in this year that the national association of
Physical therapist changed there practice act to include the ability to fit
and deliver orthotic and prosthetic devices. This is not a dramatic jump
since they were already instructing on use and donning of these type of
devices. This is set forth through the plan of care that they are required
to establish prior to the provision of services. This is also true for
Occupational Therapist and Athletic Trainers (ATC).

I agree with many that there needs to be some changes in our educational
process. But do not agree that a doctorate is the answer as an owner with
diminishing payables on the horizon such as bidding from Medicare which is
the natural result from the VA bidding that they would only accept bids off
the Medicare fee schedule. We as an industry could not afford this person.
It would increase the debts of students and loss in number of practioners
over time.

My personal recommendation is that we look at combining the division of
rehab practices and make specialties of them. This would do three things:

1. It would prevent practice seepage from other programs into a defined
field of practice.

2. It would increases the legislative war chest.

3. It would unify the industry into one voice for dominance.

This is the process that would be required:

1. One industry has to be the umbrella industry.

2. Set up a coalition round table of
Phisiaristris,PT,OT,OTC,ABC,BOCP,Pedorthics, Pharmacist,NOMA

3. Redefine the educational process to allow industry training.

If we don’t do this I give our industry 10 years and one of the other types
of rehab practices will end our monopoly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..


Jeff Arnette CO, BOCP, LPO

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