Monday, May 23, 2022

Re: yellow pages

Sam E. Hamontree

This — Yellow Pages is a pet peeve of mine. In my opinion for Orthotics &
Prosthetics, it is a money losing proposition and one in which there is
absolutely no win for the facility. I see it as one ups-man-ship by
facilities trying to out-do each other from one year to the next. THE ONLY
WINNER IS THE YELLOW PAGE PUBLISHER. The following has been my philosophy
on Yellow Page advertising for forty years:

1. We do NO block ads — only a basic one line listing and that in bold
only if our local personnel insist.
2. Yellow Page advertising is extremely expensive.
3. Very-Very few patients actually CHOOSE an O&P Facility through Yellow
Pages. In rare instances, they might find your phone/number & address.
4. Most block ads are nothing more than ego builders for the owner.
5. In my forty years, we have always competed quite well and had our share
of success when others chose to go with the bigger ads — giving the Yellow
Page business more of their money.
6. If one starts down the Yellow Page large ad, it can grow like cancer.
You do a bigger ad this year, I will out-so you next year, you can come back
with a larger one next, etc., etc. Soon we will be buying a entire page.

In my early days I would go talk to competitors who were running large ads
and discuss with them the financial advantages to all of us if we all quit
running them and go back to the basic ads. Some went along an some didn’t.
AND you know what — we still maintained our share of growth and success
with our little basic line listing. So did the other guy with his big ad.
But the success of either had absolutely nothing to do with Yellow Page


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It is yellow page time again. Every year we have to choose what headings to
be listed under. One heading is “Artificial Limbs” and the other is
“Prosthetic Devices” the there is “Braces” and “Orthopedic Appliances.” To
this is double dipping. I have spoken with other owners in different parts
the country and they relay that their phone books state “Artificial Limbs
Prosthetic Appliances.” ETC.

Anybody else having this problem??

Pete Abbott, C.P.

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