Friday, May 20, 2022

Re: more on the $3000.00 fine

Gingras, Ron

Instead of suggesting ways for orthopedic technicians to get around the educational requirements of the law, which by the way ,were established to protect patients from untrained individuals, why don’t you ask the Orthopedic technicians to get the training necessary to practice safely if they wish to be orthotists. Why don’t you stop playing games and let everyone know who you are Charlie.We know about how O and P licensure has interfered with your own personal financial asperations. Anyway you can bring the law down you are going to try to do it for your own personal gain.The same old song , different day. Ron

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> Subject: [OANDP-L] more on the $3000.00 fine
> Some people have asked for the url of the Fla Med Board so they can
> see the minutes of the November 30th meeting.
> click on the minutes near the bottom of third page and go to page 3 of
> the PDF document.
> Please also notice, that present at all the Fla Medical Board meetings
> are attorneys from ACHA. The same investigative arm that the O&P
> Board referes their so-called violations of the O&P Statutes to.
> So here is ACHA being told by the Medical Board (44,000 Docs) that
> their licencee’s are not in violation of the statutes AND then they
> are referred the same Docs by the O&P Board for investigation of the
> same violation that they are not in violation of according to the Fla
> Medical Board.
> Its called GOV COMEDY!!!! I can’t even make this stuff up.
> And after careful review of the the rulings of the March 1st FLA O&P
> Board Meeting and re-reading the exemption page which the Board quoted
> in the decision to fine Esther(yes! an Esther too & Phil $3000.00, I
> have come to the conslusion that, YES, acording to the O&P Board,
> Orthopedic Technologists cannot wotk in the state of Florida doing
> their regular scope of practice under the supervision of the
> Orthopedic Surgeon.
> However……
> They can work for a Pharmacist. Here is the exemption right from the
> Florida O&P statutes exemption page.
> (3) The provisions of this act relating to orthotics or pedorthics do
> not apply to any licensed pharmacist or to any person acting under the
> supervision of a licensed pharmacist. The practice of orthotics or
> pedorthics by a pharmacist or any of the pharmacist’s employees acting
> under the supervision of a pharmacist shall be construed to be within
> the meaning
> of the term “practice of the profession of pharmacy” as set forth in s.
> 465.003(13), and shall be subject to regulation in the same manner as any
> other pharmacy practice. The Board of Pharmacy shall develop rules
> regarding
> the practice of orthotics and pedorthics by a pharmacist. Any pharmacist
> or
> person under the supervision of a pharmacist engaged in the practice of
> orthotics or pedorthics shall not be precluded from continuing that
> practice
> pending adoption of these rules.
> I checked the Pharmacy regs and did not see any adoption of these
> “rules” and then I called the Pharmacy Board and they told me there is
> none waiting to be adopted. Its a none issue as far as they are
> concerned. Nothing the O&P Board does affects a Pharmacist.
> As the O&P Board said last Friday, sooner or later all the orthotechs
> will be rooted out and forced to stopworking for Orthopedic Surgeons,
> so now, according to the O&P Boards own rules, they can now go down
> the block to Walgreens, Eckerds, or CVS and open up an Orthotic shop
> within the Pharmacy & under the “supervision” of the Pharmacist.
> Heck, if I were an OrthoTech I would set up a business pronto with my
> local Pharmacist. One Vioxx Rx, One G2 Unloader Rx, same place.
> If I am wrong about this, please point out where?
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