Monday, July 15, 2024

“Participating” Medicare providers-more responses

Randall McFarland, CPO

Here is more discussion regarding the benefits of being a Medicare “participating” provider” (Responses separated by a blank line)

I applaud the efforts you are putting forth to find the answer to benefits of accepting assignment with M/Care. We had an exchange a few months ago regarding not accepting assignment but operating as if we did….unless something fishy was noticed.
I now have been with the VA for 6 Months and the politics involved in getting simple things changed at the Federal Level is more apparent than when I E-mailed you 6 months ago. I love the change I made….and am observing from an entirely different vantage point…, what is happening with Medicare, billing, authorizations. In the interim of trying to see the changes M/Care is attempting, I would CYA and not accept assignment in general and operate as if you did accept assignment on all but the peculiar cases.
I find it interesting that Kathy Dodson states that there are benefits…yet cannot share examples of actual benefits from all the Regions. Does she even know what Region D encounters…or is her info based on the Region she is located in. Maybe we could suggest that a Society with representatives from each Region be established to assist with getting O&P and Medicare on the same page regarding problems we encounter as a nation and not as a particular region.

>From my own experience, there are no benefits as a participating
>provider. If
someone has found serious benefits, I would like to be informed. As a participating provider, your participation only benefits Medicare in allowing them to enforce unjust rules to your reimbursement.


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