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Christina Skoski M.D.

Hello List-members,

For those who know me, hit the delete button. For those who don’t know who I am, here is a short introduction.

I became a hemipelvectomy amputee while in my teens in 1962 secondary to fibrosarcoma. I am a full time prosthetic user and walk without aids. I became a doctor in 1972; my career has been spent practicing Clinical Anesthesia in the Southern California area for over 25 years. I make no pretence at being an expert in the field of amputation, or wish to overinflate my credentials. My main qualifications are simply over 40 years personal experience as a very successful and highly functional amputee living in the real world, along with my medical background. I had little contact with the amputee community until ’97, when a personal crisis caused me to “come out”, get involved with the ACA, and to create the first web site dedicated to the needs of the high level
amputee: The site is completely non-profit; I have nothing to sell, and my only intent is to provide medically correct, responsible and reliable information to amputees and to act as a informal liaison between the high level amputee and professional community, such as the OANDP.

My 3 main areas of interest and knowledge, which I hope will be of value to the members of this list: 1. Any and all subjects relating to the high level amp, hemipelvectomy and hip-disarticulation. 2. Pain, real and phantom, and pain management 3. Problems relating to the aging amputee, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, tendonitis and over-use syndromes secondary to prosthetic and/or crutch use, as well as cardiovascular and pulmonary effects and energy requirements of the aging amp.

I would be happy to participate in discussions on any of these topics and am looking forward to tapping into the collective knowledge of your subscribers. As both a consumer and a provider, I appreciate the concerns we all face in this brave new world of HMO’s and Medicine in the new millennium. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate on your list, and giving me access to the resources of the OANDP.

Sincerely yours,

Christina Skoski MD
[email protected]


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