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Summary Jewett Braces

Harasimiuk, Mark

Here is the summary of replies for the original posting.

Can anyone point me to some journal articles about the uses of Jewett
(hyperextension) braces for thoracic fractures?

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In response to your posting can I suggest that you pay a visit to the RECAL Information Services website – http://www.recal.org.uk.

RECAL Information Services specialise in the provision of guides to the literature in prosthetics, orthotics, physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our services aim to keep the clinician, research worker and rehabilitation professional in touch with the published literature in a variety of easy to use and convenient formats.
I read in atlas of orthoses that the best effect of jwett brace is in UNSTABLE FRACTURE from T6 to L1.
A good source of information about many different braces is the Atlas of Orthotics, Biomechanical Principles and Application, 2d Edition. The Jewett brace applies forces more superiorly, motions are restricted in the thoracic and upper lumbar areas. Flexion-extension restriction in these areas produces a compensatory increase in motion at the lower lumbar spine and lumbosacral junction. The three-point force system restricts forward flexion in the thoracolumbar area and encourages a hyperextension posture, which increases lumbar lordosis. It tends to stabilize (“lock”) the spine against lateral and rotary movements. Flexion control and hyperextension posture are achieved by the pads only; the frame should not contact the patient.
Try the Journal of Bone and Joint surgery, sometime in the 1950’s
Contact Florida Brace
1) Orthotic Stabilization of Thoracolumbar Injuries, A Biomechanical Analysis of the Jewett Hyperextension Orthosis, SPINE, Volume 15, Number 7, 1990, Avinash G. Patwardhan et al.
2) The Three Column Spine and Its Significance in the Classification of Acute Thoracolumbar, SPINE, Volume 8, Number 8, 1983, Francis Denis
3) Biomechanics of Implants & Orthoses for Thoracolumbar Injuries, SPINE Vol. 7, No. 2, May 1993 – Patwardhan et at
Contact Florida Manufacturing the inventors & manufacturers of the Jewett Spinal Orthosis.
AUTHORS GAVIN, PATWARDHAN (either jpo or spine mag)



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