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Re: Medical Connections Survey

RE: [OANDP-L] Medical Connections Survey

Listserve Members: For your review, below are responses I have received regarding my post on this subject, in response to Sam Hammontree’s original post. John N. Billock, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

1st Response:
Thanks for responding to the fax on this Listserver. I too received the fax and took the time to call to identify the questioner. Was informed that could not be revealed. File 13’d the survey. If they trully wanted to improve customer service, you would think they would welcome direct input. Where is Knit Rite on the survey? Agnes Curran, CP Des Moines Hanger

2nd Response:
I received a similar fax as posted by Billock and Hamontree. I also called sender and was told “I don’t have any information as to who sponsored the survey”. I therefore deposited the survey in the roundfile. It was later collected by Waste Management. This raises a question Billock, Hamontree, and I are board certified. Are these surveys being received by only by certified individuals? If this is the case where did they get our fax numbers? Ray D. Smith, CPO,LPO

Billock Response:
Sorry for the return post to the Listserver!!
I received the same fax transmittal and I agree wholeheartedly with Sam’s post!! I there are others that agree, as well. If it is a legitimate survey, the surveyor should be willing to be upfront about who they are and who they represent!! Thanks for the post expressing your opinion, Sam!! John N. Billock, CPO, LPO, FAAOP

Hamontree Original Post:
I received, as I am sure many of you have, a faxed 3 page survey from “Medical Connections”, stating that they are conducting this survey for a client, a “prosthetic manufacturer”. Upon on calling their phone number to inquire just who their client is, I got what I expected, a run-around. The only thing they would say that it was for “market research” — like that is some kind of magic word which should cause me to jump for joy with the opportunity to participate. Never did find out who the prosthetic manufacturer client is. They even offered a big “ole” $5 donation to a charitable organization of my choice for participating. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am just not inclined to respond to a survey in which the surveyor is not willing to identify the client. It makes me wonder about the validity of the “prosthetic manufacturer” client. And, oh yes — they did request that the participant identify itself.


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