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Frames for CaStance or Mauch SNS Hydraulic Knees

Ultrapedics/Eric Schwelke, C.P.O.

Responses to my original post:

Hi all:

Working with a TF male (less than 200 lbs K3 level), already independent on a preparatory using a Bock 3R45 knee. Now ready for the definitive endoskeletal and will be changing him to either CaStance or Mauch SNS. Any opinions/feedback on the lightest, most dependable frame would be appreciated. Replies will be summarized.

Eric Schwelke, C.P.O.

How old is the guy and is he the type of person that would be able to handle a true hydraulic. If he is, I would say look into the Endolite High Activity, especially if he has a decent length residual limb. Any chance of getting him to the Academy meeting in Orlando on March 23rd? Todd and I are doing a fitness clinic for amputee’s and therapists. It would be great for him to see what the Future will hold.

I like the new USMC Short farme because it does not tear the clothing of the patient like the Mauch frame.

The Mauch Gaitmaster with the regular resistance cylinders (SNS) will be great. Have you think in a Total Knee 2000, could be better !!!

For function and durability go with the Mauch. They have a redesigned knee frame carrier that looks solid. Call Ossur for the details they should be able to fax you some info on it.

Active line from Otto Bock works the best for me. Very low maintenance. I have tried some of the frames from Mauch but found the durability to be lacking, same problem with the frames from USMC.

I like the Mauch frame. Short knee center and seems very dependable.

I would recommend the Bock C-LEG if you have funding and or have taken the course. I have fit several and love them.

I have found the Endolite High Activity knee frame to be low maintanance, extremely durable and consistent.

USMC Ultralite (Blue) frame. No fluff, lightweight, rugged, low maintenance, nyliners & shafts can be replaced in approx. 15 min.. I wear it w/ a FF Mod III split toe, graphite “T” connector and I really like it.

Why are you changing him? the 3R45 works great with level 3 amputees! However, if you insist on changing her, I suggest the black max.

Thanks to all who replied.

Eric Schwelke, C.P.O.


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