Friday, April 12, 2024

Inf. you requested on Custom Shoes

Mostafa Samny – pedorthist

DearList Members,=20
>From time to time I see here different complains regarding the fail of=20
customshoe’s fitting, and I deceided to step in and ask everyone who needs a=
peace ofmind & a full patient /customer satisfaction to give me a chance to=20
takecare of your patients.=20
My Goal:=20
I want to help you .=20

As a long time custom orthopedic footwear designer, I see that a finished=20
work should be clean, neat, looks nice and fits well. I know that apatient=20
wouldn=E2=80=99t like to accept to wear a well finished functional shoes ift=
hey aren=E2=80=99
t cosmetically nice .My patients love my shoes simply because they=E2=80=99r=
enice and=20
fit well.=20
I understand exactly what doctors want in their prescriptions and Ifollow=20
every doctor=E2=80=99s method in treating his/her patients and at the same t=
insert my experience to the work required to add a touch of beauty on thesho=
and an endless comfort to my patients. Orthopedic footwear work is acrafting=
art in an honorable profession. We respect our profession, our patientand hi=
doctor=E2=80=99s prescription. Our jobs are always exemplary and wekeep fa=
prices. It=E2=80=99s my main responsibility to provide mypatients with a pr=
footgear that is therapeutically correct andcosmetically accepted. When it=20
comes to healthy foot in a comfortable shoe,we=E2=80=99realways one step abo=
ve all. =20

Some of the cases in which we can help:=20
Arthritis(Hammer toes, Bunions etc=E2=80=A6.. )=20
Accidental injuries=20
Amputations =20
Birthfoot deformity=20
Diabetic&related complications=20
Geriatrics =20
Overuse&aging foot problems=20
Polio& its symptoms =20
For moe information, Please Contact me via E-mail for availability,terms,=20
casting instructions& prices.
You’ll love my work….Guaranteed 100%=20
Thank you for your time , =20


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