Thursday, May 23, 2024

exoskeletal fabrication responses

Jonathan Reynik

Dear List Members:

About a month ago, I posted the following inquiry:

I am writing to ask if any of you are using liner/lock systems with =
exoskeletal designs and if so, how are you manufacturing the prosthesis =
– with a removable flexible inner socket or something like a lightweight =
exoskeletal design ( socket, hollow shin, ankle block, foot ) or ?

Here are the responses:
Drape A Flexible Surlyn over Cast incorporating a
Fillaur Shuttle lock firstly.
Secondly, what I do is build up over the surlyn/lock
with either urethane foam or plaster, and then
I then employ the traditional methods of exoskeletal
I find by the use of an Inner surlyn socket, the ease
of removal for servicing the shuttle lock mechanism.
Hoping this info is of some help.
Doug jeffreys.
Prosthetist, Australia.
We fabricated an exo similar to what you have described. We fabricated =
a PE inner socket with an Endolite shuttle lock. The exo socket was =
fabricated over the top of that and the remainder of the prosthesis was =
completed just as any exo would be. I think that Endolite has printed =
fabrication steps for these types of sockets. Their ph# is =

Good Luck,=20
Carrie Melton CP

the way I make an exo 3s is like this. First I make it just like an endo =
in the beginning. Make your laminated socket with shuttle lock (i use =
fillaur because of reliability) So now you have a laminated socket with =
a dummy installed during the lay-up. I next will use a bock foam =
(pedilen) and set up the socket on a block of wood. With the socket =
seigelharzed to a block of 1″ plywood I can attach a pyramid or =
alignment fixture for my walking. Place your componentry in place,do =
your walking then transfer in a jig. Pel supply sells the fillaure 3s =
parts needed. Most other shuttlelocks are mainly for endo and have 4 =
hole pyramid availability which makes them less desirable for exo use. =
If you have any questions, gimme an email!


Are we talking AK or BK?
There is a difference in what the space you have to work with to install =
locking system. Also the attachment components above and below =
which lock to choose. I use the Otto Bock pin-locking system for both =
and exo designs.
Your own imagination is the limit to coming up with what’s best for this
client. I rarely do the same thing twice………
Many thanks to to the respondents.

Kind regards,
Jonathan S. Reynik, CP

Jonathan S. Reynik, CP


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