Thursday, May 26, 2022

Barr Foundation soliciting sponsor for Houston area B/K amputee

Tony Barr

To the Houston O&P Professional Community,

If you would consider evaluating this amputee for BUAAF sponsorship, the
Barr United Amputee Assistance Fund would compensate you based on our
reimbursement schedule.We may also be able provide some of the components to
keep the cost down.

Please contact me if you may have an interest in recieving a application and
evaluating the applicant.

Anthony T. Barr
Barr Foundation

> Dear Sirs,
> I am trying to get some help for my husband. A little over a year
> he was in an accident. The orthopedic Dr. he was seeing at that time
> attempted to save his left lower leg, but it didn’t work out. In July of
> year he had to have a BKA due to osteomyolitis. Since he didn’t have any
> insurrance, he was put on the indigent program in our community for the
> amputation. Since then we have tried various programs in order to get him
> prosthesis and we keep getting the run around. It would mean a great deal
> him to be able to walk again and help provide for his new family.
> We live in a small community about an hour south of Houston, Tx and
> just isn’t much in the way of employment opportunities here for someone
> needing to use a wheelchair and crutches. I am a nurse and have three
> children and a mother I have to support also. He also has a daughter he
> like to be able to help with her needs. He is the most wonderful man in
> world to me and I am desprite to try and help him. I am trying to find
> without him knowing. I have even tried to save the money to take care of
> myself, but it just hasn’t been a possibility. If there is anyway you can
> help, please let me know.
> Thank you ,
> Melissa

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