Saturday, May 28, 2022

In opposition to HB 87

Tony Barr

> Dear Florida Legislators,
> As a world wide non profit organization dedicated to the prosthetic
> rehabilitation and dignity of amputees, we understand that the Florida
House Regulation
> committee is hearing testimony tomorrow on HB 87.

Florida, after enacting the first regulation legislation of Orthotic and
Prosthetic providers in the country ,
will be considering weakening the current legislation passed 3 years ago.
> This bill would allow 40 persons whom have met 5 years of experience
> requirements for grandfathering but failed to pass the Florida licensure
> exam, to take a much easier and less comprehensive exam.

> Our recent regulation legislation inspired Medicaid to provide coverage to
> adults requiring these highly specialized services for the first time in
> history.
> HB 87 lessens qualification standards of O&P providers in our state.
> (House Bill 87) if passed, will threaten patient care by licensing
> practitioners who cant adequately demonstrate competency.
> Giving a license to individuals who have failed the exam sends the wrong
> message to Florida’s patients.
> The message is that a person’s livelihood is more important than the
> patients health and safety.
> Please vote in opposition of this bill which would most certainly allow
> those of less competency to legally evaluate and treat patients requiring
> custom O&P services.We are not talking about shoe inserts here or ace
> bandages but about prosthetic and orthotic treatment for those Florida
> citizens whom have suffered limb loss or patients requiring braces for
> polio, multiple scoliosis,multiple dystrophy and other crippling diseases.
Please continue to allow the state of Florida to represent the model
legislation for the country by requiring that ALL practitioners of providing
custom O&P services, continue to demonstrate, through the current state
examination format that he or she is competent to practice orthotics and
Anthony T. Barr
Barr Foundation

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