Tuesday, May 21, 2024

More Tone

John Russell

Hi All

Toheck wrote>> tone inhibitive characteristics for spina bifida children as
for those with CP.
That’s exactly what I stated before “Tone reduction is just controlling
muscle imbalance comfortably”. Spina bifida kids get deformity from muscle
imbalances, same beast but different stripes.

Toheck wrote>>Accurate outcomes measurements for questions such as these may
be a long time coming or never available, and if they are, we may not like
the results.
My sense of it is we will like the results, but MD’s won’t like the results,
from what we are doing here are profession could reduce corrective surgeries
by 50% in the US. That is in the billions of dollars saving.

This also goes along with what Anderson asked>> But what do you do about the
PTs and MDs who insist that TRAFOs do work?
If they feel that you will reduce their workload, than I feel that is better
to let someone else do the work, in their thinking it just doesn’t matter
what is best for the patient. I asked the question who should be the final
voice in deciding what the kids get? Parents!
I just say to the PTs and MDs that if do what I want to do, is not a major
improvement over what they are asking for, I will do both. Mods are not the
only thing I will do so I don’t have do a TRAFO, and I have not done one of
those things since the early 80’s.

If we were going to pay for tone reduction Lcode’s, how do we know someone
is competent in doing these modifications?

I do wonder why no one asked about the AFO Cook Off contest?

John Russell
3161 Putnam Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA. 94523
[email protected]


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