Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Fla O&P Law

Tony Barr

The law will survive potential lawsuits and critics. Don’t fret Texas

,Washington, Illinois and Ohio.

Anybody can file lawsuits especially when the unqualified and special

interests are willing to pay the predator attorney.

We have been assaulted before in Florida by special interests and have

stopped them dead in their tracks.

The last assault was to eliminate state entrance examinations! Defeated!

Once legislators are again informed, by testimony from those that have

been the victims of improper O&P services, they will stand firm in their

commitment to uphold the licensure requirement and protect the public.


I ask naysayers this -What other legitimate health care provider is not

regulated in this country?

Certainly the profession is as worthy of regulation just as much as a

manicurist, hair stylist, horse ferrier or tattoo artist?

Do you not consider yourselves professionals and worthy of a

professional license?

Are the services you provide more sensative to the health,saftey and

welfare of the public.

The opposition is getting desperate to imply there will be an end to


Those that support it envision a better way to protect the consumer and

upgrade their profession and obtain proper payment for their services.

All I have been reading re: anti regulation comments are from

practitioners that are either non licensed or concerned about the

regulation not eliminating their competition thru a broader scope of the

law i.e. turf wars!

Had enough? You aint seen nothing yet! The vast majority of “qualified”

practitioners and all consumers of their services will continue to

combine forces to defeat these selfish assaults on a law that is needed

and welcomed by all those with common sense and no personal agendas!

Tony Barr

—– Original Message —–

From: Charles Barocas,C.O.


Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2000 6:37 AM

Subject: Re: Had enough

> Justin

> Its going to get worse. There are two lawsuits against the new law on

> constitutional grounds.


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