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Dear members,

I had planned to do personal replies and changed my mind. I don’t know how

many members this list hosts, but I think all but about 3 members responded

to this! Half simply asked for the results. I don’t feel like spending 3

days searching and replying. I believe I got well over 100 replies and feel

justified doing a public average of the responses. With so many replies, it

was impractical for me to try to create some type of table, so instead I

took the 50 or so replies and averaged the figures. After all, I’m not

getting paid to do this. 🙂

Please be advised that these averages are based on a very low percentile of

all the facilities that employ and should be evaluated with the

understanding that these results will vary greatly. There are so many

factors that go into a salary that are not included in the hourly wage-

bonuses, participation, stock incentives, healthcare benefits, IRA’s, cost

of living for the area, etc. For example, we have a tech who gets an

average yearly bonus of $6000. That would increase the actual “hourly

wage,” if calculated in that way, by nearly $4.00/hr. You must look at

these wages and take into consideration all the factors that were NOT

calculated. Job responsibility is also varied. Some of the more

experienced techs were fitters or BOC certified or running an entire central

fab operation, overseeing 20 other techs and doing the hiring/firing.

Obviously, the more responsibility, the more the wage.

Lastly, I would like to extend a special thank you to Eliska Poirier at AOPA

for informing me of a book they publish yearly called the BUSINESS AND

SALARY SURVEY. It costs about $60 for members ($80 non) and does basically

what I attempted to do. It averages the salaries for techs and

practitioners (I think, too) and breaks it down into greater detail

according to region, years experience, registered tech or not, etc. For

more information on this book, visit AOPA’s web site at

Here’s my averages:

Technician starting salary: $7.25/hr

1-2 years experience: 8.30/hr

5+ years: 15.20/hr

10+ years: 16.80/hr

15+ years: 19.50/hr

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Joan Cestaro, C.P.

Rehab Practitioners, Inc

Winchester VA


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