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Cirrus Foot

Molly Pitcher C.P.O.

Original message:

Dear List, Does anyone know what happened to Second Nature(Cirrus Foot)? Is

anyone still servicing the Cirrus foot. One of my trans-tib clients uses a

Cirrus foot but the heel rods are de-laminating. This happened with another

foot but Second Nature repaired it.

This person uses a TT pylon with the Cirrus foot. He enjoys golfing and

works as a personal trainer in a gym. Any suggestions for a replacement foot

if Cirrus truly no longer exists in any form? He has been very happy with

the Cirrus but has never used any other type of foot. I would like to keep

the TT pylon. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. Molly Pitcher

Below are my responses. This raises an interesting question when one chooses

a component. In my instance the foot had reached the end of its warranty but

other folks are faced with how to handle a warranty when a company no longer

exists. This would go over very poorly with Medicare. I believe we are the

responsible ones in such an instance.

>The Otto Bock C140 foot provides excellent, smooth rollover, dynamic

response, and stored energy. It is durable, and relatively light weight.

According to our Bock rep, billing as Flex Walk System is appreopriate. The

only problem I’ve had in using this foot is a squeak from the carbon fiber

foot rubbing the uerathane shell. This is easily remedied by adding a Spectra

sock in between.

>if you haven’t used a genesisII foot you should look at it gives what we

feel to be the closest to anatomical function and feel as any foot on the

market today

>The word from several sources in Utah is they have gone bankrupt.Some other

considerations would be a Springlite, Endolite, Flex Foot, or CollegePark,

depending on other characteristics. The College park would allow the

adjustability in the ankle to fine tune the feeling in an effort to mimic the

motion to which the patient has become accustomed. The bumpers will have to

be serviced.

An option for the foot may be the Genesis II. We have been using it on some

long time amputees and they are enjoying its function very much. The owner

of our company has a transtibial ambutation (30 years now), has been testing

the foot for about 3 months and is very impressed.

>Second Nature just had a bankruptcy auction this past Tuesday….so, I guess

it is pretty evident they no longer exist. THe patents were up for auction

including all the tooling, lab equipment, etc. THere truly is nothing left.

The previous owner did buy the stock back for $2,500.00..the minimum bid was

supposed to be $10,000.00 so my guess is that it will not come back in any


>My Suggestion: Springlite Advantage LP , it will allow almost as much range

of motion, and hold up better.

>My name is Dick Stowers, and I am the National Sales Manager for Seattle

Orthopedic Group. We manufacture the Seattle Foot series of prosthetic feet

formally known as Seattle Limb Systems, Lenox Hill knee braces, DODI Symplex

orthotic products, OrthoMold heat moldable spinal orthoses, and the

C.A.S.H.hyperextension spinal orthosis. The people at Cirrus are fine

competitors,and would be disappointed to have you think they are out of

business, and

that the Second Nature product is not available. They have not had very good

rep coverage, which may have been the problem for you. You may contact them

at: 800-211-9724, or at or [email protected]. We have

many competitive products to Cirrus, and would be happy to send you info if

you would e-mail me your address.

>Is Cirrus owned by “Medonics LLC”? I got a bankruptcy auction notice on them

today. It claims they were a manufacturer of prosthetic feet and the auction

is in Salt Lake City.

>Medtronics LLC had a bankruptcy liquidation sale Aug 29. The Cirrus foot

presumably is gone. It is not something I manufacture, but the College Park

is probably something for you ton consider.

>We also tried to contact with them, we finally reached their attny, they

went broke no more cirrus. What do we do about warranty, is it facility or

company responsibility?

>I have had very good success using the Genesis II foot from Mica corp., I

think Jim Smith Sales also distributes them. You need to follow their

alignment instructions as far as keeping the weight line through the axis of

the foot and not at the juncture of the distal third as other multiaxial DER

feet though. Good luck!

>Cirrus is totally gone as far I can tell. We sent feet back for repairs and

UPS said the company is no longer in business.

They changed their foot lay-up, and then they started to break all the

time.Their new Excel foot also broke at the bolt area.

I have switch back to flex foot.

>I was recently informed by one of our distributers that Cirrus has gone out

of business. I would suggest trying a Springlite Advantage ft.. These are

very lightweight , offer all the features of a multiaxial ft., and have no

moving parts. In the two years that I have been using them I have never had

to make an adj. and all of the pts. I have used them on are very happy.

>College Park baby. So far the improvements over the last six mo have taken

care of maintainance and noise.


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