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Responses to Tachdijian Inquiry

Juan Manuel Castro

Here are the responses I have received on my inquiry regarding the

Tachdijian Orthosis.


The Tachdijian Orthosis was once widely used for the treatment of


Perthes. This orthosis is no longer used. Attached is a photo of the



A Tachdijan orthois is an orthosis for treatment of Legg Perthes.


it is referred to as a Trilateral Orthosis. The orthosis maintains

the hip

in abduction utilizing a weight bearing type ischial brim and and


metal super structure. The metal super structure is attached to the

ischial brim

and extends to the floor with a patten bottom on the distal aspect.

If you have

access to an illustrated guide to the HCPCS L Codes,review code

L1720.It provides

an adequate illustration and description.

It is also called a trilateral orthosis. I t has a laminated or


girdle with ischium weight bearing like a quadrilateral prosthesis, a

metalic bar that goes to the floor keeping the child’s leg abducted

and in

the air, with no load on the head of the femur.For bilateral cases we


Atlanta brace or Scotish Rite brace.If you need pictures or a draw I


fax it for you.

A Tachdijian orthosis is used for Legg-Perthes’ Disease. I believe

it’s the

same as the Scottish Rite orthosis but will have to double check my


The Tachdijian orthosis was a unilateral KAFO designed for Legg-


It didn’t maintain abduction consistently and fell out of favor. I


have a reference, but I know there were a couple of articles about it


the medical literature about 20 years ago.

It is a special type of patten bottom device with a trilateral brim

used for

legg perthses. Contact Fillauer for more info..

The Tachdijian orthosis was an orthosis developed by a doctor of that


used to treat Legg Calve Perthes disease. Its trilateral design


ambulation-there is a picture of one in the Atlas of Orthoses

(previous one

to current edition.

It is an ischial weight bearing prosthesis used in the immediate

post-operative period for early ambulation of the new below-knee


Dr. Tachdijian developed it with assistance from Wright & Fillipis

here in

Michigan. Becker Orthopedic distributes it in the USA. Personal

opinion is

that it is an over complicated piece of junk.

Juan: It is a Legg Perthes Orthosis, Trilateral (L1720). I believe


Fillauer can supply the components and/or central fab it.

Dear Juan:

The Tachdjian orthosis is a unilateral KAFO historically used for the

abducted, unloading of the anatomical hip joint. It’s most common

application was in the treatment of Legg-Calve’-Perthes disease.

Myron Tachidijan is an Orthopedic Surgeon I worked with in the 70’s.

He designed several different orthoses for children.

One we worked on with him was the “Tri-lateral Legg-Calve Perthes


this held the afflicted limb in an abducted position in a knee

orthosis with

a contra lateral shoe lift to balance the pelvis. This is shown in


“Fillauer” catalogue.

Juan Manuel Castro

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