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Fw: Suction susp. inserts for post surgical preparatoty prosthesis


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Subject: Suction susp. inserts for post surgical preparatoty prosthesis

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Hello everyone,

I have been retained as an expert witness in an ongoing lawsuit against

an individual/company who provided a preparatory trans tibial prosthesis

to an elderly male in a rehab hospital just days after amputation. The

elderly male had a long history of P.V.D., had suffered a minor stroke on

the contralateral side, had polio as child, heart disease, thin fragile

skin, and was a lifetime smoker. I have never met this individual or the

individual that provided the preparatory prosthesis. All of this

information was obtained from clinical records. The preparatory

prosthesis utilized an Iceross type suction suspension insert with a

locking device. The distal end of the residual limb developed sores soon

after wearing the preparatory prosthesis and a secondary amputation to

trans femoral level was done approximately 2-3 weeks later. I am

requesting ANY information that supports my testimony that this method of

suspension was inappropriate and that a competent prosthetist would not

have provided it and would have informed the prescribing physician that

this individual was not a candidate for a prosthesis just days after the

initial amputation surgery. So far,I have been unsuccessful in obtaining

any documentation from manufacturers of these type inserts that states

they are not appropriate for post surgical use on individuals with thin

fragile skin, compromised circulation/healing, etc. The general response

has been there is no need for documentation, because it is common

knowledge. I would also appreciate any opinions agreeing or disagreeing

with my testimony and whether or not I have permission to use your

comments, names and credentials when testifying. The defendants attorney

is attempting to disqualify me as an expert, because I am not a

physician; therefore, can not provide “expert” opinions on medical care

(providing prosthetic services). ANY comments would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help!!

James M. Mc Coy, C.P.,L.P.


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