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Fw: Puzzled about pressure casting


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From: Stevesmith1


Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 8:02 AM

Subject: Re: Puzzled about pressure casting

> Mark

> this is a good topic of discussion for the group, I have always found the

> hydrostatic casting to go against what i have been taught. as you need to

> retain the shape of the limb no have the limb take the shape of the insert


> also look at the definition of hydrostatic and try to incorporate it into

> the pressure casting method and i don’t see where it is as hydrostatic


> of or relating to fluids at rest or the pressures the emit or transmit, i

> have been a big advocate of vacuum casting since the mid 80’s and have


> to have much greater success

> just my thoughts


> Steve Smith

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> Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 5:39 AM

> Subject: Puzzled about pressure casting



> > Dear Colleagues,

> >

> > While the concept of hydrostatic sockets is appealing from the


> of

> > evenly distributed forces, as soon as the pt loses volume distally, it

> would

> > seem you have lost that advantage and are back to the kinds of

> compensation

> > techniques used in a standard total surface bearing socket- and


> not

> > necessarily obtaining true hydrostatic support and blurring the


> > between “hydrostatic” and total surface bearing.

> >

> > In addition, most of the pressure cast sockets I have seen are very

> rounded

> > and seem to be more prone to rotation.

> >

> > I have no doubt that people are getting good results, especially

> initially.

> > It just seems that the theory breaks down once volume has been lost- In

> this

> > case it seems better to start out with a total surface bearing socket


> > with contours that prevent rotation.

> >

> > I am presenting these ideas for discussion and would like to know how


> > successful users of the pressure casting system would address them. The

> > simplicity and speed of the system is appealing….

> >

> > Also, is there a profile for those who might be more optimal candidates

> for

> > this pressure casting technique?

> >

> > Gerald Stark CPO presented an excellent paper at the last Academy


> > discussing different casting techniques. I wasn’t at the meeting but


> > are the types of ideas and papers where it would be beneficial to have

> panel

> > discussions with questions from the audience

> >

> > Mark Benveniste CP

> >

> >


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