Thursday, May 19, 2022

Responses: Custom shoes

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry regarding nice looking Custom

Shoes. Following is my original post followed by the responses I received.

I have a Veteran amputee client with severe injury to his “sound” limb. He

has been getting his shoes made custom by the VA at a facility in New York

for many, many years. I have been told that this facility is closing. They

are the best looking and most well made custom shoes I have seen with leather

soles and welt construction. I have been asked to find a comparable quality

shoe for this client. If any of you have a suggestion I would appreciate your


Thanks in advance,

Eddie White, CP

Beacon P&O


I’m not sure they will be the same, but I know locally Snell’s orthotics

here in LIttle ROck, Frank Snell in particular, believes in and helps

provide good quality footgear. I don’t have as much call for this since I

mostly see kids, but his reputation with our adult faculty is very good.


There are custom shoe makers in the large cities as well as custom boot


Their usual clients are the very wealthy. But be prepared to pay on the

order of

several thousand dollars for each pair as well as travel for an initial


to make a last. Us mere mortals have to make due with less. The best

alternative is to try and fit him with ALDEN shoes, these are comparable or

better to VA’s. Alden used to have a custom shoe service, you might try


your case to them but I don’t believe they will be receptive. If you find

another reasonable source I would appreciate a heads up.


The absolute best I have found is Ron Marler at R&R shoe specialties in

Paradise, Ca he does all the work for the local VA clinic. 530 872 3710


I saw your post on the list-serv, and since you are an OPGA

member, I thought I would respond. I suggest you check out

Lord Custom Shoes for your former VA client. These folks used to

exhibit at some of the O&P shows, and I was always impressed

with the looks and style of their custom designs. Very well done,

looked like a “normal shoe”, not some poorly disguised “bigfoot”

shoe like many I’ve seen.


I recently had a VA patient come to me with a pair of (supposedly) custom

shoes also from a VA facility. They were several years old, but in good

shape. These shoes looked just like orthopedic shoes- very standard in

fabrication. When I further inquired, He said that he was never cast, but

instead several measurements were taken of his foot and then the shoes were

ordered. Well, this isn’t really what we consider custom. I wonder if this

may be a similar case?

My gentleman really only had a pes cavus condition and slight callusing

common to this condition. I don’t even think he was diabetic. I fit him in

PW Minor shoes with custom inserts and he was happy as a lark. Don’t think

he would’ve been happy with custom ones nor did he really require them.

That was about 6 months ago and haven’t seen him back with problems.

If you do go custom, just stress like hell that they will not look this

nice. I think ACOR does the nicest cosmetic shoe- although expensive,

sometimes worth it. And at least for us, VA pays normal and customary costs

on custom shoes, so you don’t lose.


As we’ve had considerable strife searching for quality custom shoes, I’d love

to receive a summary of this topic if you don’t post to the list.


have been happy with the Tru-fit custom shoes in Pelham, NY. You can order

heavy duty construction and soling in a welted design.


Lords shoes 1-800-11shoes


The key here is the technical capability. The people making the shoes make


quality. Call the VA center to find out who made his shoes and then talk to

“that” person to see if he/she will be doing the same thing at another



The key here is the shoe lasts, If you can get the VA facility to give you

the patient’s shoe lasts before they close down I feel sure that it would be

possible to have nice shoes made at a reasonable price at several places.

Such as the FootSo Port company, Alden, J & E Enterprise, or Grundmans. If

you have to start from scratch it will get expensive and time consuming, but

still possible.


I’ve been in the O&P business for 40 years. An the work that Custom Footwear

does is next to none. They make custom made shoes to match any style, color

and leather. All work given a quote price which is pre-payed. As you know

this kind of workmanship is at a retail price only. We can’t make them at a

whole sale price, and stay in business. Check out our web page at


I would suggest you contact the company in New York requesting the last

used to fabricate this gentleman’s’ shoes. With the last almost any good

shoe maker can produce a shoe for your patient.


Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, Ontario (just north of you guys!!) has a

shoe shop where they make just such shoes – and they do it well. They

probably would do it “mail order” for you. Contact Greg Ashton at

416-480-4261 (that’s actually the prosthetics # but they can forward

you to Greg – I work as a CP (c) and can’t remember the orthopedic #

right off)


You may want to speak with Ernestro Castro, CPed, OST of Custom Footwear in

Mesa, AZ. He can probably direct you to a quality facility. His contact

details are as follows:

Tel: 480-461-1940

Fax: 480-461-3855

e-mail: [email protected]


try acor


Thanks again for all the responses,



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