Thursday, May 26, 2022

Re: Cross Posting / Private Discussion / Removal From List

George Boyer

Bill Lifford, Paul and Wayne and list members of both lists: It has

been my impression that

OANDP-L is routinely posted to AMP-L thus I hadn’t the slightest

hesitation in answering

you, Bill, as I did….thinking further that this was an opportunity for

greater exposure of

what is certainly the greater good of amputees and of the practitioners.

On these two

lists, AMP-L and OANDP-L, there is precious little discussion of

background philosophical

issues affecting both practitioners and clients (patients) so, when I

can, I try to bring

these matters to the fore. This is what motivates me often and I DEFY


demonstrate that this is not appropriate. If you are professionals and

we are

patients (clients) then we have one hell of a lot to keep track of in

those areas. Saying

the matters have been put to bed is ridiculous because they change with

the clock. In order

for us to remain sanely in touch with each other we better make damn

sure we do a lot of

talking and posting back and forth or there is apt to be a revolution in

the arrangement of

things which will make the notion of a union of amputees seem like an

ice cream social.

There is some question of embarrassment about salary matters??? Hell

man, I (we amputees)

sincerely want you to make a hugely comfortable living, as comfortable

as ANY of the

professionals…..AND we want and demand of you that you perform at

maximum professional

level, that the ethos of the master craftsman perfuse your activity.

You think we amputees

harass you, nipping at your heels and yapping??? NO NO NO people, I am

aiming at the

HEART!!! Of both camps!! This is too important to us to just quibble.

And any of you who have used an

artificial limb for real know that it is a hell of a lot more important

than just making

money. This is not just a negativistic commando raid…..I want to get

us all in the habit of real

communication so the effort can assume its rightful position in the

roster of medical arts.

George Boyer.

“Paul E. Prusakowski” wrote:

> Hello everyone,


> Before anything gets out of hand, here are a few quick points

> to help clarify some issues that have begun to surface.


> Cross Posting- Cross posting your own personal submissions


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