Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Re: Union?


Cheers Mr. Webber! Cheers!

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From: Paul T Webber


Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 5:42 PM

Subject: Re: Union?

> I am getting sick and tired of amputees whining about setting up a union.

> You are setting yourselves up for problems. Right now the whole field of

> O.&P. is not getting any respect from the major health organizations. Our

> opinions are not respected our experience is not respected. An amputee


> looses weight or gains some demands that any adjustments be made free of

> charge.. I have no control over the volume changes in your residual limb


> must I bear the brunt of the costs to keep it fitting. I will warranty


> fit as long as there are no volumetric changes in the residual limb/.

> When an amputee needs adjustments due to something that the Prosthetist


> no control over we still cannot charge for our services. How can a fit be

> guaranteed when we have no control over the lifestyle of the patient. If

> there was an allied health union that included patients that might be

> something to consider. Quit whining about Prosthetists in this forum and

> offer some solutions to the problems that encompass the whole field.

> I am sorry you have to wear a prosthesis. Find a competent Prosthetist


> get on with your life.

> Paul T. Webber [email protected]

> From: George Boyer

> To:

> Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 1999 6:26 PM

> Subject: Union?



> > I read an article in the Times the other day about medical interns and

> > residents forming a union. Hmmm. If any group of people EVER needed an

> > organized presence it is sure that amputees do. Why hasn’t someone

> > (with talents in that direction) stood up to take the helm??? There is

> > a ‘consumer’s union’ and this would be just a specialized form of that.

> > It would give amputees a voice and a presence which would be a force in

> > the prosthetics industry and in medical circles as well as in insurance

> > and other areas. We need this. Very curious that no one has taken up

> > the challenge. GB.

> >

> >


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