Saturday, May 21, 2022

Re: Best Knee Unit to use?

George Boyer

Grant – In no way am I trying to hijack the agenda of this list….Hey, I am

only ONE person!! What is discussed here is important and pertinent. What

I suggest is that your agenda is sometimes not inclusive enough, that

broadening the scope of your attention would only brighten the image and the

grasp of all. Mine is certainly a singular voice here but the absence of

others posting in the same vein doesn’t mean there is no one, only that they

are silent for the most part.

If what I post gets you off track why not use the delete key to keep your

attention centered as you wish.

I think there is uneasiness about some of the questions I raise, not because

it is impossible to discuss them, but rather that they enter areas of

considerable uncertainty….it is uncomfortable to deal with ambiguity and

uncertainty, agreed…..but this is the means of growth and broadened

understanding. GB.

Grant Crosthwaite wrote:

> Dear George,


> Please don’t take this the wrong way but how about letting us discuss

> something else other than your “Meister or no-one” proposition. I think

> we have got the message that you don’t like the idea of newly qualified

> graduates practising on you or anyone else. We have heard you, whether we

> agree with you or not. Banging on about it ad nauseum gets a little

> wearing.


> Believe it or not we *know* that socket fit is crucial to the success of

> a prosthesis. It is the chassis on which the vehicle runs. However there

> are other issues. Given that a socket fits (small word for all that it

> means) the wrong choice of components can ruin the overall function of

> the device.


> Such topics as socket types, shapes, casting methods, how big do your

> hands have to be to cast an AK, do not lend themselves to discussion on a

> text based forum such as this. We have other much more suitable arenas

> for such interchange of information.


> So again please let us raise other topics without trying to hijack it.


> Cheers,


> Grant Crosthwaite


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