Thursday, May 26, 2022

Re: U.S. Politics Consolidation


Dear National office and Board members,

This change in the 2/3 to 1/2+1 is more than a small oops. Those of us

that voted BEFORE this was announced may want to change our vote! We

were NOT given all the information for an informed vote. Quite frankly I

will be calling for either a new vote or at least an independent audit

of the actual votes if it is close. Remember you may have an outside

company collecting the votes but it is YOUR outside company.

Secondly some of the recent posts suggest we should run for office if we

don’t like the way things are run. Well with the ONE party system

currently in place it is really hard to even try! A committee of the

current make up a list for the new, you know like in Mexico where the

outgoing president chooses his successor. Quite frankly the nominations

from the floor are a joke.

The only real reason I have heard for the consolidation is because the

national office has problems. Well then change the way THAT is run. I

noticed we have more new assistants in the national right at the time we

are voting to CUT the staff with combining the groups. Like make up your

minds are there too many or not enough people in the National office?

And YES I do want to change my vote I was for it but as the games being

played at the end of the vote are coming up I no longer have faith in

the Board members and their opinions of what is best for me.

Dan Snelson,CPO, FAAOP (at least until the consolidastion is jammed down

our throats then what will that mean?)


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