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Re: Bob you make a perfect argument….

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<< I think you know if the vote were held today I would not be comfortable with what the average professional knows about the process or about the structure of this "Bold New Venture." However, it is not being held today and there is no select group of people trying to ramrod a manufacturer or large corporate controlled organization down anyone's throat in a "rush to judgment." >>

I apologize for answering/responding to e-mail sent to Wade Bader, but felt I

needed to comment on this statement as well as make an observation.

Bob, you’re right, the vote is not being held today, I think we all know what

the results would be if it were. However, it is being held in August, if I’m

not mistaken. Please correct me if I’m wrong, as there are far more

knowledgeable people than I out there, but according to Roberts’ Rules of

Order and our own By-Laws, isn’t any change to By-Laws required to be put

before the body a defined amount of time, (one year, I believe) prior to a

vote? Again, if I’m not mistaken, the motion to amend or change the By-Laws

must be made at one general assembly then voted upon at the next. Help me out

here all those familiar with Parliamentary procedure. If this is the case, or

if even remotely accurate, then no vote can be taken in August, unless this

motion was made last August. In which case, it’s been a well guarded secret!

Enough on procedure, now my observation. Recently, Academy members received a

bulletin/newsletter from President Schumann and in view of all these

discussions on consolidation, I looked forward to getting some information or

some insight. All I found was a small picture on the back of the newsletter

showing a small workgroup discussing (I think) consolidation. Nothing more,

nothing less. In other words – no information. If this is dissemenation to the

membership then I guess I’m missing something here. That’s my observation –

just as small as the information provided.


See you all in March

Joe Carideo


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