Tuesday, June 18, 2024

KX06 knee substitute RESPONSES

Brad Poziembo

Blatchford offered to look at the hydraulic unit to see if anything can be repaired on it so that is the first step I am taking. I also forgot about the Ossur Mauch Plus knee. Thanks everybody for your responses. Responses are below.

Original Question:
Blatchford no longer makes the KX06 knee and there is no word yet on the design of the KX07. I have a PFFD patient with a very long limb that allows me to bolt the socket directly to the knee frame to keep knee center close to anatomical as possible. I’m looking for another option as the hydraulic unit is broken and cannot be replaced. Does anybody know of another knee that will allow me to bolt a socket directly to the 4 hole pattern of the knee frame? Any other avenues to look at?


I have an old( never used) hosmer endura hydraulic knee that can be bolted directly to a socket. Kinda monster looking but will work. Have no idea how old. Still in the box. I can send pics if you want. It has a four hole direct thread on top of knee frame. It’s about the size of an old mauch sns from around 95-98. There is so much we have lost over the years. Seems like we have less to choose from these days. Good luck on search.

Several from Daw. Call Stuart at Daw and he’ll find what you need.

Grace plate? Then, you can mount any framed hydraulic unit directly to it. Like my all time favorite Mercury knee or even Ossur Mauch Plus. Otherwise, for KDs, I use what was Medi knee, now Ossur, with “basket” attachment. At least, you have some alignment options down the road. Otherwise, direct bolting to 4 hole – you better get it done right in the test sockets. Ossur has several knees that will work with the basket attachment and alignment is done via g’ol Endolite type wedges. Also, you can slide knee on the basket quite a bit. Just if you go that route, torque the hell out of the center bolt, as it tends to loosen up. I normally use L wrench and cheat pipe on it. Yep.

Mercury from Blanchard? Maybe, have a few options. Kxo6 was the best choice.

March Knee Plus Through-hole has a direct mount. Has its own lamination distal connector plate so it may or may not work depending on what distal connector is in the socket. You could probably do a metal spacer plate if it’s too close with existing distal connector?!

LOL! In almost the same boat! Had no idea they were discontinuing the KX06 & my patient fell in love with my loaner KX06 during our test fittings. I am not needing the 4-hole direct attachment setup but space is limited. He absolutely rejected the Mauch & the Symphony so far. Trialing the Total knee 2000 & ST&G’s “swan”….desperate times. I was under the impression that the KX07 would be much like the 06 with “improvements”. Was hoping its release was soon, but that does not seem to be the case. Find it kind of stupid to discontinue one model before the new version is ready for release, but many things now-a-days don’t make sense.

Does Fillauer still make the Endurance system? This is pretty low profile. You could also do C-Brace the attaches externally.

I’d be interested to hear the replies you get on this. The KX06 was definitely one of my go-to knees.

One option to consider would be the Total Knee 2000 or 2100; the difference would be a stance-phase lock instead of stance-phase flexion resistance. It has a pretty short proximal section with a threaded proximal adapter. If you’re using an existing socket with 4-hole pattern you could use an adapter like the Ossur A-122300, if you’re making a new socket, it would thread right into a 3 or 4-prong laminating adapter.

Have you tried putting the hydraulic from a mercury unit?

Thanks Again!

Brad Poziembo, CP


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