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October 2002 Issue

October 2002

edit post Physical Therapists: Partners or Competitors? by Miki Fairley October 1, 2002 When we posed this question, we were deluged with responses from orthotists, prosthetists, physical therapists, and practitioners

Post-Mastectomy Care: Aiding Cancer Survivors

Patricia Metcalf, Orthotist/CMF, A Fitting Image, demonstrates placement of a breast form in a swimsuit to Mildred Holtz, mastectomy patient. Every three minutes a case of breast cancer is diagnosed;

Billing: Are Hidden Problems Lurking?

Joe Sansone I once hired a cocky young warehouseman at a pay rate of $11 per hour. He progressed through the ranks and, with a year’s experience under his belt,

Guerrilla Warfare: More MCO Contracting Survival Tips

A “Nightmare on Elm Street” aptly sums up how many O&P providers feel about managed care contracting. Previous articles explored “rate shopping” and strategies for opening closed provider panels. Here,

MCOs: Keeping Track of the Players

How often do the MCOs/HMOs metamorphose? Is it true that they are buying each other out, changing names, and absorbing other MCOs at a faster rate than ever? How many

Amfit Footfax-SL: Combining Innovation and Technology

Utilization of Amfit’s patented electronic 3D scanner and precision CAD/CAM carving mill provide an automated method for making high-quality custom orthoses. We have found that this system yields high patient

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