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September 2008 Issue

September 2008

edit post Exercise Your Right to Vote by Morgan Sheets September 1, 2008 The Amputee Coalition of America’s (ACA) national advocacy department has been working to advance legislation throughout the

John Siciliano: Contender

Hulk Hogan, co-host of the NBC television show American Gladiators, turned to Phil Conley, CP, John Siciliano’s prosthetist and said, “This guy is crazy!” Hulk Hogan introduces Siciliano (right) and

Wound Care, Preventing Contractures

Fostering wound healing and preventing muscle contractures are important aspects of postoperative therapy. “After amputation surgery, the first order of business is fostering wound healing,” says Joan Edelstein, PT, MA,

Velocity Introduces New Expulsion Valve

The new Velocity expulsion valve can be used for check sockets. Using the VMP-007 mounting plate with valve dummy, the check socket is attached to the mounting plate with Bondo™

Electronic Marketing

Marketing in the digital age is a whole new ballgame, according to Elizabeth Mansfield, Outsource Marketing Solutions, though it’s not necessarily one that everyone wants to play. In the past,

A Good CAD-CAM Education Is Hard to Find

Most of the experts we interviewed agreed that learning about computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) is easier said than done. Here’s what some of our experts had to say:

Five Questions for Karen Burns, RTPO

Karen Burns used her skill in sewing Levi’s® jeans to secure her first job in the O&P profession. “I answered a help wanted ad and needed to know industrial-strength sewing

Residency Reflections: Through a Black Box

As an undergraduate Student, I learned about the idea of the “black box”-an unresolved model of a system’s function. In modeling, the input is known and the output can be

Got FAQs?

Running an O&P practice is complicated, and when you have questions, “Got FAQs?” has the answers that can keep your practice running smoothly. This month’s column tackles your questions concerning

Exercise Your Right to Vote

The Amputee Coalition of America’s (ACA) national advocacy department has been working to advance legislation throughout the country to create a consistent standard for prosthetic benefits. We have helped pass

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