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March 2013

edit post Medicare Audits, Overpayments, and Appeals by Peter W. Thomas, JD, and Christina A. Hughes, JD, MPH March 1, 2013 Over the past few months, there has been increased

The Dawn of Powered Lower-limb Prostheses

During the last decade, the O&P industry has enjoyed a technological renaissance. As technologies improve and become more reliable, their adoption becomes more widespread. For example, the microprocessor regulation of

Implementing EMR in P&O

The Digital Revolution The British computer scientist who is credited with inventing the World Wide Web, Sir Timothy “Tim” Berners-Lee, made a surprise appearance at the end of a dance

Many Stories, One Voice

If you’ve ever been to an American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) Policy Forum or an Amputee Coalition National Conference, you’ve probably learned how telling your story can help to

T. Walley Williams III

T. Walley Williams III, MA, product development director at Liberating Technologies Inc. (LTI), Holliston, Massachusetts, embarked on his career as an inventor while very young, and at age 81 he

New Faces in O&P Leadership

A conversation with Kenneth Wilson. In the second installment of our interview series with two company chiefs who are relative newcomers to O&P, The O&P EDGE talks vision and goals

Billing and Collections Q&A

Denials are difficult to identify and time-consuming to appeal. Count on “Got FAQs?” to help you sort through the complexities associated with O&P billing. This month’s column addresses your questions

Pedorthics-oriented Research (or the Lack Thereof)

There has been mounting pressure in recent years from third-party payers—and consumers—for evidence that a device or procedure actually performs as claimed before considering payment for services. In fact, Section

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