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November 2020

edit post Preventing the Burn: Is There a Role for AFOs in Mitigating the Pain of Claudication? by Phil Stevens MEd, CPO November 1, 2020   Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

Transtibial Prosthesis Material Management

  Throughout my career I have lamented the lack of research and empirical data demonstrating which modification techniques for transtibial patients are effective based on patient presentation. I have struggled

Lindi Marcusen Doesn’t Take a Break

Lindi Marcusen has always been active. As a gymnast from elementary school through high school, she travelled the country and spent 20 hours per week in the gym. In college

November 2020 Editor’s Note

Though the average person may not think about it often, O&P professionals are keenly aware that anything that interferes with a person’s gait has health implications far beyond simply walking

Collisions in Clinical Care

  Normal ambulation is performed intuitively, without much conscious attention or effort. Relatively minor disruptions in nerve, muscle, and joint function, however, can result in significant impairment, and, as a

A Medicare Tool Belt

I used to do a presentation that started with a slide that said, “If I had a crystal ball and could tell you the future of healthcare….” As I was

Causes and Treatment of Low Back Pain

  Chronic low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common reasons people will see a doctor or miss days at work. According to the World Health Organization, the

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