Monday, April 22, 2024

responses to Diabetic ulcer question

shraddha rasal

Hello List,

Apologies for late reply, Kindly check all the responses. Thank you all for
your inputs.

Orthomerica’s OWLS system.

Each client is treated with a different method. The traditional picture
CROW boot is okay for a small percentage. Most require custom beyond and
like you mentioned about the leather, it is our top choice for the upper.
Insures a perfect fit from sunup to sundown.

Minnesota AFO & OWL are the other option

Contact Jeff Miller at Orthomerica. They have an entire line of offloading
boots which work great.

There are a few options thru Sunrise shoes in Sacramento—wound-care-offloading.html

The Arizona EC neuropathic walker is a good option from CROW. Also
Orthomerica has the OWLS wound care system which has variations pf the
orthowedge shoe but for longer term use.

Darco wound care system shoes. They have 4 layers of material for you to
offload the wound and the patient has to wear the pair of shoes to even out
for balance.
We contacted Dr. Peter Cavanaugh when he was the chairman of the ADA
Footcare council on our new tech.

TCC’s are tough they are giant anchors.
Orth wedge is useless if you are worried about trips and falls and sore
CLEAR and SALSA have been advocating coban wrapped cam boots.

But how about advanced composites?

Start using modified dynamic carbon fiber AFO’s with a spring lever
attached to reduce the pressure and shearing force under the met heads.

Please take a look at our attached information on our Zero-G, a full
suspension AFO. Let us know if you have any questions!

I have a few physicians that won’t use the Darco offloading shoes for
safety reasons. We use a short walker boot (most of the time – a larger
person may need a tall walker boot) with a custom Plastazote insert and
relieve the ulceration.

Also, for our CROWs, we use a C-Fold strap and loop system with no issues.
The wrap around style Velcro doesn’t hold as securely and the patients have
more difficulty tightening them.

Good Day all!!!

Shraddha Rasal


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