Friday, May 20, 2022

thanks for plastic responses

Kraig H. CP

Dear List,

Many thanks to those who responded to my inquiry about their storage
usage of plastics and suppliers
here is a summary,

Andre’ B
It is yours for free it will go to the first person to pick it up you
are the second of 20 to respond so you are ahead of everyone you can
call c We live in Lititz near the Airport

We buy from Cope Plastics in 24″ x 48″. This works great for our
custom TLSO’s and LSO’s.

We get our plastic from Guard. If you order $500.00 at a time, shipping
is free.

We order it as 32″ X 48″ sheets. Their plastics do seem to have a
better looking finish after molding than plastics we have gotten from
other suppliers.

I hope this was helpful.

Kristin L
We’re doing it the same way you do with the one exception that our
technician has a truck and he picks it up directly from the
distributor when ever we need plastic. By not paying shipping we save
quite a bit of money. In Portland, OR there are at least 3 plastic
companies that we can order from. We have bargained and gotten a
pretty good price, even though we only buy 1 or 2 sheets at a time.

Most vendors like American have shipping deals with minimums

We order precut for everything in the following sizes.

Scott Wimberley Fabtech Systems

Dear Kraig,

Merry Xmass and happy new year,

You may want to check with your local plastic suppliers.

Quality is good and prices are less expensive…you can usually
negotiate a good price, and they will precut sheets for you to
minimize waste.

i.e. a 4’x8′ sheet of polypro or copoly will yield (12) 16″x24″
pieces, a good size for AFO’s. You will have very few “drop offs”…..
(scrap pieces)

Delivery is usually free of charge and in a pinch, you can always run
and pick up a few sheets if located nearby.

Vivak and polyethylene is also available locally. I used this
practice for years and it worked well.

If you are looking for big quantities, your best choice s the North
Sea company in UK, you my contact Douglas Tulis, I belive they also
have distributor inthe US.

Buy plastics at American Plastics or Guard Industries.They will cut
for free to size. Most popular sizes are 24 by 16 and 32 by 16
depennding on length of cast.These dimensions give you exactly 12 or 9
pieces respectively for each 4 by 8 plastic sheet.For larger casts,we
keep 32 by 48 sheets on hand,and cut to size.

End of Responses

Again, thanks to all who have taken the time to respond!

Happy Holidays!
Kraig H


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