Saturday, May 28, 2022

What we think of ourselves as Practitioners

Joyce Perrone

Jan – can you share w/ the list how you handled the situation? Did you
just not bid – or did you put in writing to the correct people why you
did not bid and what the flaws were in their thinking and pathways from
a scientifically proven aspect of patient safety ? I agree with you and
get extremely frustrated. It is important to always take the high road
and understand what the hospital is trying to do and do our best to help
them do the right thing for the patient first. It takes time and energy
which I find most practitioners do not have due the demands of seeing
patients. Many just take the easy road and try to be sly or cunning to
get the deal and then make up codes, add codes, whatever – on the
backend. We all need to approach the right people in the hospitals and
educate them the best we can-politely, energetically, helpfully – and
do what we can to save them money. They are crunched financially as are
we – with Medicare/Medicaid cuts and it is not getting better. So be
encouraged and inspired to learn what you can about them (Seek first to
understand) and how you can work with them. A very lofty but hopeful
article is A Theory of Leadership for the Transformation for Health Care
Organizations. I have it as a Word doc. If anyone is interested, just
email me and I’ll be happy to send it to you. I believe that a lot of
the ‘cheap is best’ style of running a hospital will bury the bad ones
in time and the quality organizations that do not kill people with their
accidents and errors will rise up. I want to be aligned with the good
guys. -JP

Joyce J. Perrone
De La Torre O&P, Inc and Promise Consulting
300 Alpha Drive Pittsburgh PA 15238
ph: 412-599-1112 fax: 412-599-1130

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 18:36:49 EST
From: “Saunders, Jan CPO”
Subject: What we think of ourselves as Practitioners

I want to relate to all of you a scenario, we have a Hospital chain in
Florida which has 7 smaller hospitals it owns. They asked us all to
submit bids to come into there hospitals fit there patients within 3.5
hrs of the called in order. All of the LSO/TLSO are stocked in a deal
Deroyal has made with the hospital, the problem is the hospital doesn’t
have any licensed practitioners on staff, so they need licensed
practitioners in Florida they do over 350 LSO/TLSO’s per year and they
are asking us to bid on this contract, to accept the liability, respond
in 3.5 hrs without paying us for our call, time, or responsibility and
to my amazement 2 companies accepted this deal.

What is wrong with us, do we have so little respect for our time,
knowledge, and education? When are we going to stand up and say NO! Our
profession is in the worst times there have been in 32 years I have be
in practice, the Manufactures are cutting us out, competing against
us…. And yet we still support them. If we don’t start to learn to say
no to unreasonable DEALS it will be our demise as a profession. Don’t
wait for your national organizations to help you as they are feed off of
the advertising money from the manufactures and they are not going to do
anything to create a drop in revenue. PAY ATTENTION IT IS YOUR
Greatly concerned;
Jan Saunders CPO ,LPO


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