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Re: Diabetic Footwear, Dr. Zen and BOC Cert

Fedder, Donald

The information in this and other e-mails regarding BOC certification
are incorrect. BOC’s Certified Orthotic Fitter (COF) is an accredited
certification for persons who have completed an approved educational
program, has had a minimum of 1000 hours of patient care practice and
has passed its certification examination. The COF scope of practice
includes pre-fabricated orthotics as well as custom fabricated
Anyone who wishes to provide an educational course or program for CPE
credit by BOC must submit an application and description for review.
Dr. Zen has not at this time done so and therefore its program(s) is not
recognized by BOC for CE credits.
Under no circumstances can anyone now be certified as a BOC COF unless
s/he has met all eligibility requirements and passes a rigorous
certification examination. Please see our web site
for more information. While there, download
the recent BOC Advantage (newsletter) to review BOC’s “scope of
practice” warning to all practitioners.
Don Fedder, BOC CEO
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From: Rick E. Sevier [mailto:[email protected]]=20
Sent: Saturday, September 04, 2004 7:23 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: [OANDP-L] Diabetic Footwear, Dr. Zen and BOC Cert
Actually, what Mr Arnette states is not quite the complete story.
to the ABC, along with an approved fitters course, the individiual must
have 1000 hours of orthotic fitter experience.
>From the ABC Website:
1.. Pathway 3. Successful completion of an ABC approved orthotic
education program (CAMP, DeRoyal, Truform/OTC) and 1,000 hours of
fitter experience..
Just FYI
Rick E. Sevier, CPed, LPed, Dual Associate Degree RPOA, RFO
>Haven’t you sent any of your staff to a camp fitters course? The
>course is either billing, shoes,or mastectomy fitter. Both ABC and BOC
>recognize these and similar programs for ABC/RFO and BOC /ROF. The term
>fitter and practioner are not inter-changeable. They can in all states
>provide and bill for prefab orthotics and diabetic shoes independent of
>practioner as outlined in the ABC manual . State licensure dose not
>Jeff Arnette,CPO,LPO,BOCP
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From: “KMH – Regional ALB”
Sent: Friday, September 03, 2004 11:02 AM
Subject: [OANDP-L] Diabetic footwear, Dr. Zen and BOC
> Dear List serve Members:
> I recently received an advertisement flyer concerning diabetic shoes
custom inserts (3 pairs) provided from a local pharmacy. I telephone
pharmacy and spoke to the person providing the shoes and inserts. They
informed me they will bill Medicare for the shoes and plastizote inserts
(three pairs) for a total of $260.00!
> When asked if they are qualified to provide these shoes and inserts
the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Guidelines for our region, they informed
Dr. Zen, the company providing the shoes, educated them under the
of “other qualified individual.” I telephoned Dr. Zen and inquired about
this “educational instruction” they provide to their exclusive dealers.
Their reply, “We provide a short course on training and then apply for
certification to provide the shoes and inserts.”
> Someone please advise if I am barking up the wrong tree……Someone
please advise on undercutting Medicare fee schedule……What happens to
“qualified individual” when a customer has diabetic breakdown…..Does
license these “qualified individuals” and then grandfathers them into
> Kenneth M. Heide, CPO
> Regional Artificial Limb & Brace Co, Inc.
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