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replies to Face guard

Dear List Members,

I’ ve compiled the following responses to my request in locating a
commercially available nose protector for a basketball player with a

I’d like to thank everyone for the assistance in finding this. Not too
unexpectedly though, most of you prefer a custom device.

1)We fabricate a custom unit for our Penn State athletes as we found nothing
commercially available to be acceptable.
Terrance E. Stock C.O.
2)We do make a number of custom face masks. They are used for burn scar
management as well as protection. You can contact one of our clinicians at
our Medical Center, Detroit, MI location. Call 313 832 5020 and speak with
Dale, Lee, or Karen. They can explain casting procedure as well as
manufacturing. If you have any problems contacting the, feel free to
contact me at 248 670 7113.
Pam Lupo, C.O.
3)We recently fit a custom face shield for a colllege player with a broken
nose. It wasn’t difficult, and works very well. If your student wishes to
continue playing, and avoid future injury it may be well worth the cost of
custom. I had about 1-2 hrs labor at the most, and a 12″X12″ piece of 3/16″
Lexan. So cost isn’t outrageous.
Let me know if you’re interested in details.
Joel Kempfer CP FAAOP
4)I have purchased nose protectors from time to time through sporting goods
stores. I have also used the prefabricated breathing masks (the ones with
the foam filters that we use in the grinding rooms) to fashion an
protector. If the patient has good insurance a custom made device is an
option. Hope this helps.
Jim Price, MEd, CPO
5)Hi Dan,
Here is the most commonly used device. This company ( webpage
sent…HealthGiant 800/323-1305) also handles a face guard #90093 used with
wrestling headgear, if there are other facial injuries.
Best of luck,
Gary Lamb
6)Take a facial mold (protect eyes and breathing access and use alginate
reinforced with 6 – 8 inch plaster splints) and fabricate a clear (lexan)
face shield. Trim most of the plastic away leaving firm support at the
facial bones on either side of the nose and the forehead and attach the
shield with 1 or 2 elastic straps, 1/2 inch is preferable (available from a
sewing center). Cutting snug double slots in the plastic will allow the
plastic to serve as the securing mechanism in place of any hardware
(buckles). Lace the strap between the face and the shield, then out thru
second slot, then back and into the first slot and out between the shield
the initial portion of the strap so that when the patient has the mask in
place pulling the loose ends of the strap will secure the mask in place.
may find 1 strap above the ears and one below the ears gives the best
security. Pads at the contact points will make it more comfortable but try
to keep the plastic and the pads trimmed away from line of sight. For a
basketball player that needs to be a wide spectrum. Total mold, fabrication
assembly and fitting should be about 3 hours. Price is what ever your
will bear.
Bob Brown, Sr., CPO, FAAOP
7)Why not make him a small face mask out of durr-plex. We have used 1/8 inch
successfully twice for two of the Comet B-ball players. Also you could call
Bob Lin CPO at Newington in Conn. He actually did a study on different
plastics and techniques for face masks. Hope all is well. Best Regards. Tom
8)Try a web search for “Mueller Sports Medicine” or something similar and
you should get a hit. Have used these in the past and they are a universal
fit item. Good luck
Rick Miller, C.O.
9)We have in the past made face shields for NBA players from a negative mold
taken of the players face. It is made of a thin clear plastic and is held in
place with elasticized Velcro. There is also another company called Orthotic
Specialists in Michigan that makes them as well, phone is (248) 542- 7900.
Good luck
John Parks
10), I’ve been making custom nose guards and am curious to hear about any
the shelf items. Please send your replies to the list serve, or at least
some info my way. If you need help on how to make a custom one, I can help.
Good luck, Steve Baum C.O.
11)A uvex face mask has been used in the NBA to protect players noses from
direct impact. That is what I would suggest for your patient.
12)yeah its called an ice hockey mask…..but seriously …had a same
ask me once also…if you come across any info would love to know about it.
Mike Burnett CO
13)There are some prefabricated Nose Guards that are marketed by compaines
such as Ali-Med/Smith&Nephew and I can’t remember the others. They are
towards Certified Athletic Trainer’s. I would suggest contacting your local
Division One, 4 year college Athletic Trainer and they might be able to help
you. I have not been practicing Athletic Training for 3 years so I don’t
have the catalogues handy.
Good Luck,
Steven Chu, ATC, PTA
B-E Orthotist
14)I have heard that Jumbo Sports used to have one. You can also check at
We do not recommend these, and have been making custom ones for FSU Athletes
here in Tallahassee, FL.
Good Luck,
Eric Ramcharran, CPO
15)I have not seen one on the commercial end, we usually custom make the
a burn mask….
B.J. Stagner Jr., C.O.
16)Call Bob Lin at Newington College.
I had a similar case and spoke with Bob. He will talk you thru in taking an
impression and making it yourself. Sorry I do not have his # off hand.
Chad Duncan C.P.
17)Ridell sells some real nice football helmets with face masks. They even
come with chin straps! Florida State is selling some of their slightly used
ones for cheap. You may also wish to consider a catchers mask. Hope this
18)Some of the larger sports stores carry these. We have
also made them when the off the shelf fit is not
comfortable for the client. Good luck.
Mark Taggart CO
19)I would be happy to help you but it is a custom one that I do. You can
call me to discuss how to make one if you want. My Name is Mark Kuhn and I
work for RDA. My number is 1800 723-4013.

Thanks again. Dan Morgan, CPO Albany NY

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