Monday, April 22, 2024


Todd Griffin

Dear List,

In discussions regarding the new qualified provider legislation, several of
you have stated in jest (partially, at least) that this listserv was nothing
more than a soapbox from which to complain. Might I suggest you Doomsday
predictors pause for a breath for one second and look at the big picture:

1. This bill did not open up a Pandora’s box of new revenue potential for
PTs and OTs. They had it all along and they knew it! Reality check: Do
any of you see the rampant practice of O&P by any PT or OT outside their
NORMAL scope of practice in your area? I seriously doubt it! The PTs and
OTs were merely protecting the rights to practice that they already had, and
wouldn’t you if you were in there shoes?!?

2. As much as it must pain many of you to face this fact, they ARE
qualified providers!! Does that mean that every PT or OT in the country is
qualified to fabricate anything their heart desires? Of course not! If any
of them wish to do anything beyond their NORMAL scope (i.e. prosthetics,
halos, etc.), they had better make darn sure they are very competent at it!
Because if they are not, a disgruntled patient or apalled O&P provider can
turn them in to their state PT or OT licensure board, and they could lose
their license to practice in that state!

Everybody just take a few deep breaths, maybe ease off the caffeine a bit,
and think. This bill can do nothing but help the O&P industry. Are PTs
going to keep cutting into your knee brace business? Sure. Are OT’s going
to keep making custom orthoses for their hand patients? Of course. But you
have no legal ground to stand on to demand that that right be taken from
them. You now have the legal ground to do your job (which those of you in
46 states did not have if my count is correct), your new task (should you
choose to accept it) is to get out there and earn the business. O&P has to
give the doctors a reason to send the business to you, just like every other
allied heath provider in the country!

An “outsider’s” $0.02!

J. Todd Griffin MS, ATC
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