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January 2011 Issue

January 2011

edit post Winning the Weight Fight: One Patient’s Success Story by Miki Fairley January 9, 2011 Casting. Photographs courtesy of Bio-Medic Appliances, Essex Junction, Vermont. Losing weight is often more than simply wanting to look your…

Jessica’s Patient Inspired Solution

EDGE Direct This success story is about balance and gait training for a four-year-old with a diagnosis of hypertonicity, spastic diplegia. Prior to Ultraflex bracing, Jessica’s gait with AFOs and

A New Mission of Hope in Belize

Ninety percent of the world have access to only 10 percent of the world’s medical resources, according to the International Hospital for Children. The people of Belize-lacking a medical infrastructure

Questions Answered, Promises Kept

Our cover story this month began with a question-a couple of questions actually. Over the last several years, we have come across news stories that detail the experiences of U.S.

A Dynamic Approach to Managing Partial Foot Amputees

When treating partial foot amputees, practitioners are faced with several issues. First and foremost is limb preservation. This is achieved by limiting the destructive forces of pressure, shear, and friction.

Roger Thomas: A Light-Year Leap

Roger Thomas is a hand model. But you won’t find him on television showcasing hand emollients or dishwashing soap that soften hands while you do the dishes. Rather, Thomas wears

Face to Face: Michael Smerka, CP

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his

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