Saturday, May 14, 2022

O & P Technology Readiness Survey, 1st reminder

Gerald Stark

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much to everyone that has already participated. We have about 129 responses, but need a few more to have a little more “statistical power” for our group.

Many of you (quite expertly I might add) noted that the terms in the survey could apply to a number of things and don’t pinpoint things. This is definitely intentional since a Technology is loosely defined is any design or process for instrumental action that reduces the uncertainty in the cause-effect relationships in achieving a desired outcome. Basically, this is anything or process that helps you get things done they way you want! It could be a novel way of scanning your patients, or simply a new way of filling out paperwork!

An Innovation is even more loosely defined an idea, practice or object that is perceive as new by an individual or group. So…any thing new! We decide to adopt an innovation as a technology when it based 1)Relative Functional Advantage, 2) Relative Complexity 3) Compatibiltiy within our context, 4) Triability, or 5) Observable positive outcomes.

We all adopt or reject different technologies at different rates based on our perception of Risk vs. Reward. Innovators and Early Adopter people may choose a technology after only seeing the first three. Other groups like Early Adopters, Late Adopters, and Laggards wait to see how others do with it. I should add adoption of technology isn’t always good either. Sometimes the rejection of technology can save you wasted time and money! Another aspect is abandonment, when the technology is no longer working for you and you move on……

Here is the link again and try to think of the last innovative technology you considered or are considering. It actually measures four (4) aspects of your perception! Again I’ll post this so you can then compare yourself or group to the aggregate O & P group!

Thanks again!

Gerald Stark, Ph.D, MSEM, CPO/L, FAAOP(D)
Senior Clinical Specialist
Adjunct Instructor
[email protected]


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