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New open access articles available at Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health Ahead of Print

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New open access articles available at Journal of Military, Veteran and
Family Health Ahead of Print!

Resilience training, stories, and health

Julie Salverson

This article is derived from my participation in, and experiences at, the
fifth annual War Horse Symposium in Alberta in September 2015. The creative
arts offer tools for self-awareness and self-care to military personnel,
their families, and other first responders. Resilience training engages
participants in interpersonal and organizational reconnaissance through the
language of theatre – the language of bodies analyzing experiences and
stories. This work addresses physical flexibility, energy flow and
mindfulness, peer support, action-based role-play, and the things people say
to each other while witnessing what can’t be put into words. It also
describes an environment that activates pleasure, laughter, and play. Four
elements promote self-knowledge, community connection, and healing in
creative resilience training: witnessing and being witnessed, discovering
narrative options for re-storying one’s life, experiencing oneself beyond
the definition of one’s injury, and connecting with others in ways that
build healthier brains. When we experience being respected, not shamed;
listened to, not ignored; safe, not at risk; our neurological pathways
change. Inter-subjectively, both participant and witness become changed
neurologically and psychologically. War Horse Awareness Foundation founder
Deanna Lennox says, “Creative resiliency training gets connected to their
bodies and spirits.”

Yoga and Canadian Armed Forces members’ well-being: an analysis based on
select physiological and psychological measures

Dianne Groll, Danielle Charbonneau, Stéphanie Bélanger, Samantha Senyshyn

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric illness that may
develop following a traumatic event or a situation involving the threat of
death or serious injury to oneself or others. PTSD is often comorbid with
other mental and physical health conditions, such as depression, anxiety,
and chronic pain. Several therapeutic, pharmaceutical, and non-traditional
interventions are being investigated to eliminate or reduce the severity of
these comorbidities in those who suffer from PTSD. The current study
investigated the effect of yoga on individuals who did, or did not, screen
positively for PTSD on their self-reported symptoms of depression, anxiety,
and anger. We also examined perceived physical pain, sleep disturbances, and
mental and physical health–related quality of life.

Issue 2.2 coming November 2016!


Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health

The Canadian Institute for Military & Veteran Health Research and the
University of Toronto Press are pleased to announce the launch of the
Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health(JMVFH).

The aim of this new open-access journal is to maximize the health and social
wellbeing of military personnel, Veterans, and their families by
disseminating world-class research to a broad international and
multidisciplinary readership of researchers, practitioners, administrators,
and policy makers. The cutting edge nature of research published in JMVFH
enables clinicians working to address particular challenges, establish best
practices and share preliminary results from new therapies that will lead to
the next great breakthroughs. JMVFH is edited by Alice Aiken and Stéphanie
Bélanger, and managed by Mike Schaub.


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Posted by T Hawkins, UTP


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