Friday, May 13, 2022

Amputee in need of care in Texas

Jeff Erenstone

To Listserve,

I am been assisting with a volunteer group name Enable Community
Foundation. This foundation is helping direct and support the 3D
printing community known as e-NABLE. They have made great progress
correcting some of the myth about prosthetic costs and the functional
abilities of 3D printed prosthetics. E-NABLE members are regularly
contacted by amputee’s in need. Below is an interesting case that I
don’t have an answer for. I was hoping to get opinions by the
listserve on how to help this person in need.

Hi Jeff,

Here is what she wrote me: “I have a dear friend that is from Nigeria.
She was a nurse there and was able to get a green card and “get out”,
she now lives and works here in the US. Three weeks ago her little
sister arrived her to the states. They had saved money together to get
her sister her for medical attention she desperately needed for her
diabetes, Nigeria just didn’t have the resources. That morning she
called me, she was so excited she was going to see her little sister
in just a few short hours, because of cost and visa requirements, she
hadn’t seen her little sister for years. When she arrived to the
airport to pick her up she notice her sister was struggling walking,
it was a long flight, however she could tell it was more than just a
tired body. She sat her sister down to learn that her foot and leg
were completely numb.

She went right from the airport to Parkland Hospital (Dallas, Texas).
Where they immediately admitted her. They quickly diagnosed her little
sister with Gangrene. The next morning they amputated up to her knee.
It’s now been almost 3 full weeks, her sister is being released from
the hospital tomorrow. The constant smile on her face is one of
someone with tremendous gratitude. She is so thankful to be alive, not
once has she cried and said poor me.
Because she is in the US with no insurance they are telling her they
will not help with a prosthetic, I am writing you to see if you could
help me help her?”

It’s actually been 4 weeks now & the sister was released last week.

Thank You
-Jeff Erenstone CPO


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