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Re: Opinion regarding PECOS

Sam Hamontree

I did see info about PECOS in the AOPA AIA a week or so ago. Might check out that email publications.

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Subject: Re: [OANDP-L] Opinion regarding PECOS

This was one of my main quetions: Where are the O&P leadership organizations these days, and why haven’t we heard any information on these, or any responses to my original post last week??? Don’t we have some people in positions and places that should be aware of these things and pass this on to us?????

Still, I have heard NOTHING from anyone in these organizations. All I have heard is LOTS of comments and information fro others in this field that have taken time to read about this, and research it. And, many disgusted, frustrated people in this field have sent their comments as well.

Fortunately I use a great clearinghouse that does have access to the PECOS system somehow, and THEY will catch any of these rejections before they get sent on to the payer and get denied there.

The plans here at my facility are to bill for the shrinker the very day it is delivered, and see if that goes through, and the prescribing physician is enrolled. If that goes through smoothly, we will know that the rest of the prosthetic care will be okay. If the claim doesn’t go through, then we will contact the physician and explain it to them, OR we will inform the patient and have them get to another physician that we know IS enrolled with PECOS, and have that new physician do the prescribing for this patient to get the O&P care they need.

There are ways around this bill, which are legal, ethical, and in the best interest of the patients that we serve. It is just too bad that we have to go through all this additional work, hoops and hurdles, just to provide the care that we need to provide.

Thanks to everyone that has replied by emails and/or phone calls.

Jim DeWees, CP

> Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 05:28:40 -0400
> From: [email protected]
> Subject: [OANDP-L] Opinion regarding PECOS
> To: [email protected]
> Hello everyone,
> Since the freak out out emails about PECOS started, and I freaked out,
> I have done some serious digging. As you may or may not be aware, DMEPOS
> is not the only target. Since the stark law was enacted, CMS was supposed to
> track physicians who referred their patients to all medical entities that
> they had ownership in. Apparently, they have not. This is just one more
> headache established by our wonderful leaders to ensure physicians are
> playing
> ball, and yes, we get short end once again if our referring physicians do
> not comply. Just one more thing to add to our plates which most of ours are
> already
> overflowing.
> PECOS (Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System) is now their new way
> of tracking a law which has been in place since the early 90’s.
> I have contacted many of my referral sources about PECOS and they just give
> me a blank stare. However, some are on top of this new internet based
> registration and are now in the process mode.
> All Providers to include Physical therapy, diagnostics, Rehab facilities,
> etc… are all targeted for non payment if a physician is not registered as
> compliant. I am sure that by the end of next week, every physician will know
> about this and will all be crying about one more government control. But,
> is paying the tab.
> We all must do our due diligence to get the word out as I am sure all other
> providers other than P and O are doing so as well. At this time it is not
> required that
> we who practice O and P register, but I am sure it will be soon enough. I
> registered yesterday to see the process and it is very simple.
> The real question I have is, where have the organizations that we trust and
> send our hard, and I mean hard, earned money to been on this issue. I havn’t
> heard or seen anything from the Academy or AOPA? Why not? Or have I just
> missed it.
> Hope this info helps and is not redundant.
> Cheers,
> Mick Holm, CO, LPO
> Tampa Bay Orthopaedic Designs, inc.
> 812 W. MLK Blvd.
> Tampa, FL 33603
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