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Re: St. Valentine’s Day Prosthesis in Pittsburgh

Jeffrey McDonald

An Rx for FLEX FOOT, a CMN, and a K3 Level letter (all from a very qualified
physiatrist) seem to be all you need to “donate” a prosthesis to someone anymore.

Jeff McDonald BOCP

—– Original Message —–
From: “Kathleen O.”
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 11:36 PM
Subject: [OANDP-L] St. Valentine’s Day Prosthesis in Pittsburgh

A Valentine’s Day to remember

Frank Repasky “didn’t have a leg to stand on”……….literally.
Since his right leg was amputated nearly a year and half ago, Frank has been at the mercy of a wheelchair to get around. His life will soon change
when he receives his new TRANSFEMORAL prosthesis. Frank, unfortunately
does not have health insurance that will cover the cost of a new leg. He won’t be eligible for Medicare for another 2 years. Though unable to walk, and discouraged about his bleak financial situation, Frank tried to keep his spirits high. This could be difficult at times, especially since his wife suffers from Alzhiemer’s disease and requires constant care. But he would soon be blessed with good news.
United Way contacted DeLaTorre Orthotic and Prosthetic Company about helping out. Drew Buffat, who is a Certified Prosthetist , and his Prosthetic Resident, Kathleen Oriti, are working on helping to change the way Frank sees people. Yes, soon he will be able to stand tall and look at
people “face- to- face” He will also feel more complete in his body image.
Psychologically, as well as physically, this is a very important factor to amputees.
Thanks to DeLaTorre O&P, Frank will have a great Valentine’s Day Gift. A new prosthesis, and a renewed faith in people.
There are many folks like Frank, who fall between the cracks with health coverage. There are several organizations who assist amputees in obtaining prostheses. DeLaTorre O&P would like to challenge other Prosthetic Companies to OPEN THEIR HEARTS and donate a prosthesis to a person in need.

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