Sunday, May 29, 2022

Prosthetic Limbs for Children or Pets

Debbie V. West

Dear List:

I’m an Industrial Design Student at AIP in Pittsburgh,PA. I am

currently taking one of my final classes – Prosthetics. I am attempting

to design a prosthetic limb for a dog but have run into a few roadblocks

as to where to find research and was wondering if someone at your

academy might be able to assist me.

Information I am lacking is what type of material could be used on such

a device since animals tend to chew alot. I was thinking that the same

problem would come up with small children also and could not find any

research in this area? Do you know where I might look, call or write

for such informaiton.

Also how to they deal with allergies and finding out if a child is

allergic to the materials?

Lastly how do they deal with growth in a child so that the size of the

prosthetic piece is enlarged etc. to account for the growth factor. I

want to design a piece that is adjustable for all breeds but that is

practical and asthetically pleasing.

Any help you can give me in these areas would be much appreciated. I am

having a lot of trouble getting research information to complete my

project. I would also like to know if anyone knows if there is anything

like this that has already been made. I’m finding it very hard to get

the research I need.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


Debbie West

email: [email protected]

US address: Debbie West, 10100 Laurel Avenue, North Huntingdon, PA



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